Transcript of Song from the Depths journal entry

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  • Lucille gave me the Restless Sleep potion. Once I drank it, it allowed me to follow the Raptor into the dream world so I can rescue Lucille's husband, Waylan.
  • Drinking the potion that I received from Lucille in Rimmington sent me into the dream world. I found Waylan's soul and the other dreaming souls. It looked as though they were heading somewhere. I followed them.
  • I navigated through the caverns, to the north-east of Rimmington, looking to find Waylan before the Raptor does.
  • I came across a series of caves. I found some clues that helped me to navigate the maze, including a song about sea creatures.
  • I found the dreaming souls again. The[sic] lead me further into the depths.
  • I have discovered a cave with strange symbols on the floor. I walked over all the symbols to find my way out and then followed the dreaming souls.
  • The dreaming souls went deeper into the dream. I followed them.
  • I have reached the souls but they have left through a door I could not reach. I found a way to cross the gap that separates me from that door.
  • The dreaming souls and the Raptor have all jumped into the chasm. I followed them.
  • I was swallowed by a dragon; I made my way through its stomach and found my way to the source of the song.
  • I have met a siren, Remora, who seems to be the source of the singing. I spoke to her about what's going on.
  • The Raptor and I were able to use Remora's necklace to escape the Queen Black Dragon. Remora was unable to escape. I spoke to Lucille to check that Waylan and the other sleepers were alright.