Transcript of Some Like It Cold journal entry

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  • I spoke to Chuck and agreed to help find his missing agent.
  • Chuck's agent was on Larry's trail when he was captured by the Walrus. Chuck got a letter detailing the ransom terms.
  • I got teleported to Rellekka to speak to a colony of seals.
  • I spoke to a seal and he said I wasn't entertaining enough.
  • I tried to entertain the seal, but it wasn't good enough.
  • I met Ping and Pong and revealed to them that I'm human. They seemed okay with it.
  • Ping and Pong gave me the supplies I need to make the costumes.,[sic]
  • I made the costumes for Ping and Pong and handed them over.
  • I told Ping and Pong about my real mission to help Chuck's agent and look for Larry. They were still happy to help.
  • We performed for the seals and they were very entertained.
  • The seal agreed to take all three of us to the camp.
  • We saw the Walrus, and I met Teddy, Chuck's agent. He's in a clown suit, for some reason.
  • I spoke to Larry. He's been brainwashed and thinks he's a penguin!
  • I spoke to Teddy about Larry. We decided we needed to get him an egg.
  • I spoke to Noodle about smuggling in an egg. He couldn't, but he said the Walrus was having one for lunch.
  • I investigated the Walrus's hut and confirmed he was having an egg for lunch.
  • We made enough noise to draw the Walrus out of his hut.
  • I stole the egg from the Walrus's hut.
  • I gave the egg to Larry. He's willing to cooperate with out escape now.
  • I spoke to Teddy. I agreed to canvas the penguins in the camp and find out what escape plan ideas they had.
  • I spoke to all the penguins and found out their escape plan ideas. Teddy didn't like most of them.
  • I spoke to the old penguin, Plaza, and agreed to make pieces of a board game.
  • I made all the board game pieces and got the blueprints in exchange.
  • I gave the blueprints to Teddy.
  • I recognised the engine from the last submarine, but it was missing a lot of parts.
  • I spoke to Astoria. I have to beat her at a game of Battlefish to get her to unlock the hut.
  • I beat Astoria at Battlefish. She unlocked the hut for me.
  • I went to the hut and gathered spare parts for the engine.
  • I took the spare parts to Teddy
  • I repaired the engine with the spare parts.
  • We performed a rock show to distract the seals and escaped on the submarine.
  • We escaped from the seals and performed an emergency landing.
  • I spoke to Chuck and told him about my adventures at the POW camp.
  • I spoke to Astoria. I have to beat her at a game of Battlefish to get her to unlock the hut.