Dialogue for Snow imp (2015 Christmas event)

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  • Imp: Oi, yous!
  • Player: Can I help you?
  • Imp: Yes! We's got a big problem. Santa's gone missing!
  • Player: Again? Doesn’t it happen almost every other year?
  • Imp: Pretty much. I dunno how he always does that. It's 'cause everybody luvs him, methinks. But anyways!
  • Player: Tell me more.
  • Imp: Some massive ice island been floating down from up North. Now normally we’s not interested in more ice, especially in Gielinor. We just stick to der Land of Snow. But dat one was special! We got word dat it was covered in pressies!
  • Player: Really?
  • Imp: We had to in-vest-gi... In-ve-stag... Check it out. So my pal <Player's snow imp> went to have a look.
  • Player: <Player's snow imp>! I know him!
  • Imp: Oh yeah? Are you Player?
  • Player: That's me!
  • Imp: He always talks about you! In good ways, mostly, too! Anyways. He went there, then he never came back. We knows he didn't open der pressies 'cause dat's against der rules. So Prince Jack went ta look for him. And 'e never came back too. Sooo... Der Queen went...
  • Player: Let me guess. They’re all gone? <Player's snow imp>, Jack, the Queen of Snow and Santa?
  • Imp: Yaaa! Der mystery pressies kidnapped all of Christmas! Will ya help?
  • Player: Yes, I will
    • Imp: Yaaaay! Time ta save everybody!
    • Player: So, what do I need to do?
    • Imp: Go to da island, find everyone and come back? There is a lodestone on it, so it's easy to get there. We's sent an Orb of oculus ta see, and we saw der pressies. They all got a label on ta say who they are for. But dey's not our pressies. We didn't pack them. And anyone dat's got somefink to do wiv Christmas who goes there vanishes. Go check der labels out. Find <Player's snow imp>! We's counting on ya!
    • Player: I guess I'll have a look, then.
  • Player: No, sorry
    • Imp: Booooo, I’ll have ta ask someone nicer.
    • (If you talk to him again)
      • Imp: Ah, it's ya. Did ya change yer mind? Will ya help Santa and der Queen and Jack and <Imp's name>?
        • (Same options as above)

After all Quests parts completed

  • Snow Imp: Hiya again! So, have you saved everybody yet?
  • Player: Yes.
  • Snow Imp: I knew ya could do it! Three cheers for Player!