Dialogue for Snow imp (2007 Christmas event)

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Starting the conversation[edit | edit source]

Any one of the following may happen:

  • Option 1
    • Snow imp: *sings* Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
  • Option 2
    • Snow imp: *sings* I'm dreaming of a white RuneScape.
  • Option 3
    • Snow imp: *sings* There's no business like snow business!
  • Option 4
    • Snow imp: Did you know that we snow imps have over a hundred words for snow?
    • Player: Really?
    • Snow imp: Nah. I made that up.
  • Option 5
    • Snow imp: Snowflakes! Millions of snowflakes! No two are the same, you know.
  • Option 6
    • Snow imp: Isn't snow brilliant?
  • Option 7
    • Snow imp: Snow! Ha ha ha ha! Snow everywhere!
  • Player: Who are you?
    • Snow imp: I's a snow imp! From der Land of snow!
    • Player: The Land of Snow?
    • Snow imp: The Land of Snow! Y'know, the magic land where snow comes from.
    • Snow imp: Where did you think snow came from? Maybe that it appears spontaneously, like when water vapour in the air forms into ice crystals?
    • Player: Well, yes, actually.
    • Snow imp: Ha ha ha! Don't be silly! It comes from the Land of Snow.
  • Player: Why are you making it snow?
    • Snow imp: 'Cause it's Christmas, innit.
  • Player: What can I do with all this snow?
    • Snow imp: Whatever yer like! I don't care! There's plen'y more where this lot came from.
    • Snow imp: You could make a snowman, if you like. When it's big enough, I'll give you a snowman 'at to finish it. These 'ats also include a veg'table fer a nose an' anything else yer need.
    • Snow imp: Or you could just 'have a good ol'-fashioned snowball fight!
  • Player: Could I have a snowman hat, please?
    • Option appears to select a snowman hat.
  • Player: Can I go to the Land of Snow?
    • Snow imp: We don't just let anyone into the Land of Snow, mate. You need to show you like snow first. Help to build a snowman!