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2011 Christmas event[edit | edit source]

  • Snow imp: 'Ello, [Player]!
  • Player: Hello again [Snow imp]. Merry Christmas!
  • Snow imp: Merry Christmas [Player], thanks for bringing me to da feastie!
  • Player: No problem! It wouldn’t be Christmas without [Snow imp], would it?
  • Snow imp: Certainly not [Player]

Land of Snow[edit | edit source]

  • Snow imp: Hey, [Player]!
    • [Snow imp]! Nice to see you!
      • Snow imp: Nice ta see ya too! I missed ya a bit. It's nice of ya to pay me a little visit!
      • Player: Well that’s the least I could do for a friend!
      • Snow imp: Ya! Best ooman mate eva!
    • How are you doing?
      • Snow imp: I's good. Christmas went very well after we saved der day from der evil penguins!
      • Player: Yes, I remember! We freed Jack after cooking the penguins a feast, and the Queen of Snow after doing some ice-skating. We freed Santa after defeating the penguins and their Snowverload with snowmen.
      • Snow imp: We did! Der penguins wanted ta take ova der world by givin' pressies to kings and queens. Pressies wiv penguins in! But instead of giving der pressie ta King Arthur, we gave der pressie to der King Black Dragon.
      • Player: The look on their faces! Priceless. You almost had me, though! I thought we were done for!
      • Snow imp: Haha! Ya shouldn't have worried! Der King Black Dragon is an old friend. I deliver his pressies every year! But anyways! We had a party for der penguins to keep em out of pressies, deir leader was all grumpies but Christmas was saved! I wonder if he'll ever get up to more mischief...
      • Player: What an adventure it was! Good times!
      • Snow imp: True dat! Hopefully dere'll be no mischief next time, but den I wouldn't get ta see ya!
    • Can you come with me to Gielinor?
      • Snow imp: Nah, sorry. Dem planes are not close enuff for me ta make it through.
      • Player: But you could use that portal there?
      • Snow imp: Snow imp-proof, that is. Besides, I've got my hands full with Scourges!
      • Player: What? Is he back to his old tricks?
      • Snow imp: Nah mate... but dat don’t stop me from pranking 'im!
      • Player: Ha! Maybe I could come along and give you a hand? I still have that old ghost costume.
      • Snow imp: I don't fink they'll let ya. The Land of Snow ain't really a place for oomans.
      • Player: Ah well... I guess I can always come back here to see you?
      • Snow imp: Dat ya can!
    • Tell me about the Queen of Snow and Santa.
      • Snow imp: It's a long story.
        • I've got time for it.
          • Snow imp: 'Round Christmas, Gielinor and the Land of Snow are close together, so, 'casionally, random people stumble across portals an' turn up in the Land of Snow. Ages ago, some young lad - wearing a fancy red costume and carryin' a backpack with some pressies in it - pops out of nowhere in the Palace of Snow's garden. Well, the youngest princess 'appened to be 'aving a snowball fight in the garden with us snow imps. She saw this guy, whose name was Nicklaus, and they got talking. In fact, they got on so well that she gave him some of 'er very best magic deer fer flying places with. Event'ly, he went away, but he didn't forget her. A year or so later 'e came back, this time askin' fer her hand in marriage. Now, marriage 'tween an ice sprite and an ooman is real frowned upon, but the Princess really loved Nicklaus, so they let 'er do it and, soon af'er, Prince Jack appeared. A decade of married bliss passed and the Princess was chosen to take the throne as Queen of Snow. That was kinda weird, 'cause the Princess was married to a human, but she couldn't say no. Soon their duties took up all of their time, an' Santa, as uvvers knew him, was getting old much faster than she was. It was thought best that Santa leave the Land of Snow; which meant Jack grew up without his dad. Jack's mum were really busy, so 'e was neglected an' became re-belly-us.
          • Player: Wow, that's a sad story. But where does Scourge come into all this?
          • Snow imp: De start of these two stories are pretty similar! Scourge was a young'un once, just like Nick he stumbled across the Land of Snow by accident. This was shortly before Nick found it. Scourge and the princess fell in love, just like Nick - Scourge went away, but 'e didn't come back for years. The princess watched 'is actions in Glienor[sic] - and saw how crew-ol he really was. Soon she was distracted by the arrival of Santa n any feelings she'd had for Scourge melted. A long time later Scourge returned, but the Snow Queen had no time for 'im. That embittered Scourge.
          • Player: Two stories, so very similar and yet so very different.
          • Snow imp: You got a point there.
        • Actually, never mind.
    • Can you leave me for a while?
      • Snow imp: Sure - see ya! Just op'rate yer amulet to call me back.
      • (Snow imp disappears)
    • Actually, never mind.