Dialogue for Snarrk

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  • Snarrk: Hi, human.
  • Player: Hi, ogre.
    • How are you today?
      • Player: How are you today, little ogre?
      • Snarrk: Me wanna go visit Fycie 'n Bugs!
      • Player: Yes, they're both delightful individuals.
      • Snarrk: Will you take me to see dem, human?
      • Player: Didn't your mother ever teach you not to talk to strangers?
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • Can you tell me about this thermal bath?
      • Player: Can you tell me about this thermal bath?
      • Snarrk: Yes, it very hot!
      • Player: Yes. Hence the word 'thermal' as a descriptor. How terribly observant of you.
      • Snarrk: Heat come up from belly of de ground, make you feel lots better when you swim in it.
      • Player: What do you mean?
      • Snarrk: Oh, it simple! You feel poisoned, you feel diseased or you just take beating in battle, just take bath in de hot water and you feel all better in no time. It easy to notice effect if you just try it out - but maybe you human types not smart enough to notice things much.
      • Player: Ahem!
      • Snarrk: Oo, no spread that cough to me - it sound bad! You better take a swim right now, feel better!
      • (Dialogue ends)