Dialogue for Sliske

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At Vorago's Borehole[edit | edit source]

  • Sliske: Fancy meeting you here, Player. Such a coincidence! Such a small world! But alas, you meet me as I am leaving. The big paperweight, Vorago, and I have already finished our chat... if you could call it that. I will save you the dull and inevitable question. I am here because he has killed a god, Tuska. So, I have invited him to my Big Game. Vorago will join Armadyl. They both gain the chance of seizing the Stone of Jas, because they have both killed gods. Hmmm, I wonder if there will be the opportunity to kill one bird with two stones?
  • When is this Big Game?
    • Sliske: I grow a little restless, to be frank. Things are going rather slowly. I feel I may have to speed things up.
  • What did Vorago say?
    • Sliske: Very little. But he will be at the Big Game. To defend Gielinor and the lifeforce of the world. I paraphrase, of course.
  • Goodbye
    • Sliske: A delight as usual.
    • Sliske teleports away