Dialogue for Skulls pirate

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

First conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: This place is really starting to depress me.
  • Skulls pirate: Urgh, you and me both, mate.
  • Player: Argh! You can talk!
  • Skulls pirate: So can you, mate, but you don't hear me screaming like a little girl.
  • Player: B-b-but you're a pile of bones.
  • Skulls pirate: You're on the slim side yourself, pal. Don't be judging. It's not my fault.
  • Player: Okay, I'll bite...unless, maybe I did nibble on a wushroom and this is all a hallucination? Anyway, who is at fault?
  • Skulls pirate: The screaming little girl, like I was saying. You don't listen much, do ya?
  • Player: Which little girl?
  • Skulls pirate: What was her name again? Carla, Caroline...
  • Player: Cora?
  • Skulls pirate: Yeah, that's it - she did this to me.
  • Player: Who are you...er, were you? Were you a Skulls pirate?
  • Skulls pirate: Yeah. The name's Pete, mate. Used to live in this here fort, now I'm just trapped in it.
  • Player: From what I've seen of your gang, that would sound like justice to some people.
  • Skulls pirate: You sound just like her. 'This is justice', she says. I had no idea who she was at first. You see a lot of faces in the kidnapping game, don't remember any of 'em.
  • Skulls pirate: She knew us, though. Said we'd taken her when she was young, killed her folks, sold her to Goshima.
  • Skulls pirate: Then she did this to us and left.
  • Player: What did she do to you?
  • Skulls pirate: It's too traumatic to talk about, mate. Ask one of the others.
  • Player: I'm just going to leave you to it...

Subsequent conversations[edit | edit source]

  • Skulls pirate: I don't wanna talk about it, mate. Cora, that girl we sold to Goshima, she's the one who did this to us.