Dialogue for Sir Rebrum

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  • Sir Rebrum: Halt, adventurer! Go no further! Mortal, wormy peril lies within this cave!
    • Player: Wormy?
      • Sir Rebrum: Wormy indeed! The most unsightly, ghastly and smelly worms you could imagine have suddenly risen from a hidden network of underground caves!
      • Sir Rebrum: But fear not! We, the Falador White Knights, have been officially dispatched on a mission to deal with this slithering menace!
        • Player: Can you tell me what's going on inside this cave?
        • Sir Rebrum: Well, you see, my unit was dispatched to secure the area after locals issued an alert. Giant worm creatures appeared, you see.
        • Sir Rebrum: I promptly matched in, did what needed to be done, and now the people are safe. We have successfully contained the creatures.
          • Player: Have you actually been inside these caves?
          • Sir Rebrum: Of course! We valiantly led a charge inside, followed by an immediate tactical retreat!
          • Sir Rebrum: Do not mistake this for running away, however. I simply called for a strategy meeting following slight losses.
          • Sir Rebrum: After all, losing 70% of ones fighting force makes one reconsider their situation!
        • Player: What can you tell me about the enemies inside?
        • Sir Redrum Worms! Lots of them. They spit some kind of corrosive acid. We can handle the ones near the entrance.
        • Sir Redrum However, if you go further down the caves, you'll start meeting bigger ones with mandibles. They are no joke!
        • Sir Redrum By the way, I never reached the end of the caves myself, so who knows what's at the bottom.
          • Player: I have to go now.
    • Player: Who are you again?
      • Sir Rebrum: I am the famous Sir Rebrum: hero of justice extraordinaire and destroyer of all things evil!
      • Sir Rebrum: I know you'd love to hear about all my adventures, but I'm on duty here.
    • Player: Don't worry, I eat peril for breakfast.
      • Sir Rebrum: Most impressive! Carry on, then.
    • Player: I don't suppose you've seen a necklace lying about?
      • Sir Rebrum: Why, yes I have! The Raptor passed by earlier. He said you might need it.
      • You receive the Siren's necklace.