Dialogue for Sir Prysin

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Standard[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Prysin: Hello, who are you?
    • I'm a mighty adventurer, who are you?
      • Player: I'm a mighty adventurer, who are you?
      • Sir Prysin: I'm Sir Prysin, a bold and famous knight of the realm.
    • I'm not sure, I was hoping you could tell me.
      • Player: I'm not sure, I was hoping you could tell me.
      • Sir Prysin: Well, I've never met you before.
        • (If wielding Silverlight)
        • Sir Prysin Though I see that you wield Silverlight. It seems that my ancestor's sword has found a new champion.
        • Sir Prysin I once sought to claim Silverlight. The spirits cared not for my inheritance, and judged my worth.
        • Sir Prysin I was found wanting. Tell me. What trials did you face?
          • (Tell the truth.)
            • Player I defeated a few skeletons, took a walk of faith across a chasm and answered some trivia questions.
            • (Same response as below)
          • (Exaggerate the trials.)
            • Player I fought a legion of undead...leapt a chasm of poisonous scorpions...and answered a series of devilish riddles and quadratic equations.
            • (Same response as below)
          • (Mock the trials)
            • Player I took a walk, had a chat and killed some things. I don't know how you could have failed.
            • Sir Pysin What? That's all? What of the nine-headed serpent I was made to battle? The journey into the abyss to claim the Candelabrum of Invocation?
            • Sir Pysin And the less said about the medical examination, the better...
            • Player Well, that was surprising.
              • (Shows starting options)
        • (If wielding Darklight)
        • Sir Pysin I see that you wield Silverlight, though it has chanced much since I last saw it. It seems that my ancestor's sword has found a new champion.
          • (Continues as if it's Silverlight)

During Defender of Varrock[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Prysin: Where did all these zombies come from?
  • Player: I need your help with this shield.
  • Sir Prysin: What shield?
  • Player: It's the Shield of Arrav. A descendant of an original elder of Varrock can apparently use it to stop the zombie army. You're one of those descendants, although I'm not sure if you're the right one.
  • Sir Prysin: Well, I suppose anything is worth a try.

-- Sir Prysin tries holding the shield. --

  • Sir Prysin: No, nothing special seems to be happening.
  • Player: It must be someone else who is descended from the correct elder then. Ah, well, Prysin, thank you for your time.

Related to Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Prysin: You've come to the right place, well done!
  • Sir Prysin has given you another clue scroll.