Dialogue for Sir Amik Varze

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This transcript involves dialogue with Sir Amik Varze and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Choose an option:
    • Who are you?
      • Sir Amik Varze: I am the leader of the White Knights of Falador. Why do you seek my audience?
      • (Shows initial options)
    • Before starting the Recruitment Drive quest:
    • Speak about the A Void Dance quest.
      • Sir Amik Varze: Well [Player], now that you are a White Knight, I expect you should be out hunting Black Knights for us!
        • Can you explain the White Knight honour system again?
          • Sir Amik Varze: Sadly we are not as rich as we once were, and there are many White Knights who foolishly lose their combat equipment. We do not think it fair to make a profit from our brethern, so we will sell you equipment at cost, and rebuy it at the same cost, but we will only sell equipment to those we consider responsible enough to wield it correctly.
          • Sir Amik Varze:By killing Black Knights, you will increase your reputation with us, by killing White Knights we will obviously think less of you.
          • Sir Amik Varze:You can check your White Knight reputation level by looking at your quest journal for the Wanted! Quest, or Sir Vyvin will let you know what level you are at when you go to purchase equipment.
          • Sir Amik Varze: Sir Vyvin can be found in Falador Castle, and he will sell you any equipment appropriate to your reputation level.
          • Sir Amik Varze: Have fun, and go kill some Black Knights for me!
          • Player: Okay Amik, thanks for explaining!
        • Okay, bye!
          • Player: Okay, 'bye then Amik!
    • Tell me about the Temple Knights.
      • Sir Amik Varze: I cannot tell you much... They are called the Temple Knights, and are an organisation that was founded by Saradomin personally many centuries ago. There are many rumours and fables about their work and actions, but official records of their presence are non-existent. It is a secret organisation of extraordianary power and resourcefulness... Let me put it this way: Should you decide to take them up on their generous offer to join, you will find yourself in an advantageous position that many of this world would envy, and that few are called to occupy.
      • Player: Well, that wasn't quite as helpful as I thought it would be... but thanks anyway, I guess.
    • Do you know anything about the siege of Falador?
      • Player: Do you know anything about the siege of Falador?
      • Sir Amik Varze: Ah yes, the Kinshra siege was a close-run thing indeed. All hope seemed lost. Then she returned - Kara-Meir - with Sir Theodore at her side.
      • Player: Sir Theodore? I haven't seen anyone of that name around here.
      • Sir Amik Varze: No, you wouldn't have. He is...no longer with us.
      • Player: Oh, I'm sorry.
      • Sir Amik Varze: So am I, young [man/woman]. So am I.
    • Farewell.
      • (Transcript missing. edit)

During the Battle of Lumbridge[edit | edit source]

    • Player: Do you have any news?
      • Sir Amik Varze: It's a glorious time for the White Knights - Saradomin has returned! He is defending us from the evil wizardy of Zamorak west of Lumbridge castle, and he's asked our order for help! So it is the duty of all White Knights to heed the call, and take up arms against the ancient enemy. By the grace of Saradomin, we shall be victorious!