Transcript of Sins of the Father

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This transcript involves dialogue with Mr Mordaut, Alpheus, Eliza, Vicendithas, and the player.

Talking to Mr. Mordaut[edit | edit source]

  • Mr Mordaut: Hello there, Player.
  • Select an option
    • Talk about Kerapac.
      • Mr Mordaut: My good friend, did you not say that you had defeated that terrible Mr Kerapac?
      • Player: Yes, Kerapac should no longer be a danger to any of us. Why?
      • Mr Mordaut: Well it's just that some of the archaeologists around here claim to have seen him recently.
      • Player: But that's not possible. Are they sure it was him?
      • Mr Mordaut: Tall, scaly, deeply threatening sense of self worth. It does seem to fit the bill.
      • Player: Hrmm, perhaps I should investigate?
      • Miniquest dialogue pops up
        • Accept
          • Mr Mordaut: Excellent. I'm sure it's nothing, but it's better to be safe than sorry. You should speak to Eliza and Alpheus about what they saw.
          • (Dialogue ends.)
        • Decline
          • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • Ask about something else.

Talking to Eliza or Alpheus about Kerapac[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi there. Mr. Mordaut tells me you've spotted Kerapac around?
  • Alpheus: Oh yes. Never clearly, never directly. But we've seen him over the past few weeks, appearing in the night. Stalking around the place with a deeply nefarious air to him.
  • Eliza: It's terrifying. I've never seen anything like it, other than the last time Kerapac was here of course.
  • Alpheus: Oh don't remind me. I didn't sleep for days after that. Those horrible lizards trampling all over everything!
  • Eliza: Dear me that was quite terrifying. I wish I hadn't reminded myself now.
  • Player: If I can...
  • Alpheus: AAAARGH!
  • Eliza: AAAARGH!
  • Alpheus: Oh. Sorry. You made us jump. You shouldn't interrupt people reliving traumatic moments like that.
  • Player: You had already evacuated when the dinosaurs attacked. You were completely safe!
  • Eliza: Safe? SAFE! Those beasts trampled all over the camp. They disturbed countless tiny archaeological projects. One of them ate my thesis!
  • Alpheus: Sure they did.
  • Player: Sorry to interrupt, but back to Kerapac. Where did you see him?
  • Alpheus: To the north by that sinister dragon statue.
  • Player: By the entrance to his lab you mean? The most obvious place he would go?
  • Eliza: That's the place.
  • Player: Right. Fine. Could have said that at the start and saved us a lot of time, but no, fine. I'll go and investigate.
  • (Dialogue ends.)

Walking near the entrance to Kerapac's lab[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hmmm... I don't see anything down here that looks out of place? I should check to see if there is anything else around here out of place.

Walking near the statue outside Kerapac's lab[edit | edit source]

  • Player: That's strange, I swear that statue looks different.

Investigating statue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: It looks like there are scratch marks on the side of the arch, I wonder if it's a door?
  • Player presses the scratches
  • Player: Well that's annoying... I thought I'd found something exciting.
  • Player: Arrrrgh!
  • Player: Okay... Maybe I have found something.
  • A door is revealed into the statue

Talking to Vicendithas[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Kerapac?
  • Not Kerapac: No.
  • Vicendithas: Though we do share a family resemblance. My name is Vicendithas, I am Kerapac's son.
  • Select an option
    • I'm sorry about your father.
      • Player: I'm sorry about your father. It must pain you to know he's an unwilling servant of Jas again.
      • Vicendithas: Unwilling servant. What a poetic way to put it. Much kinder than the real word for it. Yes, well. Hardly your fault if I'm honest. My father's single minded obsession was always going to lead to something like this. At least he lives, which means there is always the possibility of his freedom. And that he failed to destroy all life on the planet is a rather pleasant side effect. I like this world.
      • (Continues below.)
    • What are you doing here?
      • (Continues below.)
  • Player: What are you doing here?
  • Vicendithas: Straight to the point? My understanding is that you humans relish your small talk. I had practiced several casual phrases about the weather and how it is both always too hot and never hot enough. But I find small talk frustratingly pointless, so let us get to it.
  • Vicendithas: I am here to finish what my father should have finished years ago. I am here to save a dying people. My father once made an offer to the ilujanka to heal them and allow their race to flourish again. I believe he made remarkable headway, but then, like so often happens, he was distracted by the curse and he abandoned his project to focus on destroying the stone. So where he failed, I will succeed. And this machine will allow me to do that.
  • Player: What is it?
  • Vicendithas: This is the effigy incubator. A machine that my father once believed would revolutionise information storage for the dragonkin. It is the place where effigies are born.
  • Player: Don't you mean made?
  • Vicendithas: No. Effigies are more than just collections of data. They are capable of growth, of becoming more. They are inorganic, but in many ways they are alive. My father had one in his lab that had been slowly learning his secrets for centuries. That accumulation of knowledge created a spark in the effigy that seemed to allow it a limited form of consciousness. According to my father the dissection was fascinating but ultimately didn't reveal anything useful.
  • Vicendithas: But I digress. This machine was father's attempt at creating new effigies. I believe I can use them to soak up fragments of my father's knowledge so that I can continue his work from where he left of. Brilliant a scientist as my father is, he has never been one to leave his secrets lying around. Unfortunately I can't quite seem to get this machine working. It looks like it's at least a two person job and none of the other Dactyl are on speaking terms with me at the moment.
  • Select an option
    • Why can't you get the machine working?
      • Vicendithas: My father had a great deal of influence and respect in the Dactyl, as you may have guessed. So when he shunned me, the other Dactyl followed suit. And now of course I am doubly cursed. Because after my father's disaster with the Needle and his Shadow Anima machine, I am shunned because I am related to him. I don't really blame them. Actually, no, I do. They enabled my father's obsession all these years they should at least be brave enough to stand by him when it reaches its inevitable conclusion. But, anyway, fun as this therapy session is, it's hardly resolving my current predicament.
      • (Continues below.)
    • Can I help with the machine?
      • (Continues below.)
  • Player: Can I help with the machine?
  • Vicendithas: Oh, now wouldn't that be poetic. Me working with the person who enslaved my own father.
  • Vicendithas: You're serious? Hrmm. It would definitely make quite the statement and I could use the assistance. Very well World Guardian, let's make this work. I imagine we can both benefit from this machine after all.
  • Play the tutorial?

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Talking to Vicendithas in the tutorial[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: Before we can do anything else, we're going to need to grab the materials.
  • Camera pans over to the Scrap metal (Smithing), Anima nuggets (Runecrafting), and Effigy casings on the east side of the lab, eventually resting on the Effigy casings
  • Vicendithas: This pile of scrap metal should have what we need. You'll need to be a proficient smith to determine the useful bits though.
  • Camera pans over to the Scrap metal (Smithing) on the north side of the lab
  • Vicendithas: This gathering of nicknacks is all that remains of some of my father's failed experiements[sic]. The residual imprint of his inventive...genius...should prove useful if you've got the invention knowledge to uncover the best bits.
  • Camera pans over to the Nicknacks (Invention) in the center of the lab
  • Vicendithas: Not all knowledge is contained in stone and metal, much the pity. Here are the remains of Kerapac's experiments on dragons. This dragon flesh should be something we can use if you have the crafting skills to stitch it into something usable.
  • Camera pans over to the Dragonflesh (Crafting) on the south-end of the lab
  • Vicendithas: Finally, from the material to the immaterial. There's plenty of anima leakage in this lab, as a result perhaps of Ful's intervention. These anima nuggets can be contained if you have the Runecrafting skills to distil them.
  • Camera pans to the Anima nuggets (Runecrafting)
  • Camera returns to normal
  • (Dialogue ends.)

Attempting to pull the lever before reaching the relevant step[edit | edit source]

  • I shouldn't pull this until I've completed the tutorial.

Talking to Vicendithas after the instructions[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: Go ahead and pick one of those to gather materials from while I try and work out how this machine works.
  • Select an option
    • Okay, I'll gather some materials for you.
      • (Dialogue ends.)
    • Can you show me again?
      • (Repeats "Talking to Vicendithas in the tutorial")

After collecting one effigy casing[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: One is enough.

After collection a number of enriched scrap metal (4?)[edit | edit source]

  • As you chip off a material, a[sic] Effigy remnant (Smithing) appears.
  • Effigy remnant (Smithing) appears
  • Vicendithas: Look at that! An effigy remnant. Not exactly stable, but much more efficient to gather from. Effigy remnants are more densely packed with the materials we need. So if you see one make sure you harvest them while you can.

Attempting to collect a different material after collecting some of a material[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: Stick to the material you started with.

After collecting 20 enriched scrap metal[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: Good. I think that should be enough.
  • Camera pans to Kerapac's workbench
  • Vicendithas: Now that you've got the materials you can create an effigy core at the workbench. This is the framework around which we can construct an effigy, a powerful item which should give us useful benefits. Go and build one now and then we can see about empowering it. Then bring it to me. You have enough.

Attempting to collect more when holding 20 of a material[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: You have enough.

Talking to Vicendithas with an explosive effigy (uncharged)[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: Excellent. See how it feels, that strange crackle as it tries to siphon knowledge out of the air? Now we need to give it something to feast on, to allow its potential to manifest.
  • Camera pans to the incubator
  • Vicendithas: That's where this comes in. This incubator will flood that effigy with cosmic energy allowing it to transform into a more or less complete effigy and the excess energy from that process I can use to capture fragments of my father's knowledge in my own effigy. We both benefit. Before we can do that though, we'll need to power up the machine. This won't be simple, you and I will need to work together to get this up and running.
  • Camera pans to the red valve
  • Vicendithas: There are a number of valves which modify the energy flow within the incubator. I'll need to monitor the incubator and I will shout out what valves you need to pull.
  • Camera returns to normal
  • Vicendithas: Turn the Green valve.
  • As you turn the valve, the incubator makes a strange sound.
  • (Dialogue ends.)


  • Vicendithas: Turn the Yellow valve.
  • As you turn the valve, the incubator makes a strange sound.
  • (Dialogue ends.)


  • Vicendithas: Turn the Red valve.
  • As you turn the valve, the incubator makes a strange sound.
  • (Dialogue ends.)


  • Vicendithas: Turn the Orange valve.
  • As you turn the valve, the incubator makes a strange sound.
  • (Dialogue ends.)

Turning the correct valve[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: Turn the Green valve.


  • Vicendithas: Turn the Yellow valve.


  • Vicendithas: Turn the Red valve.


  • Vicendithas: Turn the Orange valve.

Turning all valves[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: Excellent, the machine is now correctly callibrated[sic].
  • As you turn the valve, the incubator makes a strange sound.
  • You turn the valve and the incubator roars to life.
  • (Dialogue ends.)

Turning an incorrect valve[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: No no no. Listen to what I tell you to turn. You need to be precise or this won't work.

Talking to Vicendithas after calibrating the incubator[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: It is done. Excellent. When incubating the effigies, if the machine is active and in it's enhanced state, the effigies will duplicate due to the excessive power. Incubating one uncharged effigy will generate two effigies. If you run out of time but still have the materials required to make an effigy, you can still incubate them. Due to reduced power, you will only receive one effigy per uncharged effigy incubated. Now, quickly, add your uncharged effigy into the incubator. You can add more than one if you need to, but one should be sufficient for now.
  • (Dialogue ends.)

Interacting with the incubator hatch[edit | edit source]

  • Explosive effigy (uncharged) is removed from the player's inventory
  • Vicendithas: I will keep an eye on the effigies whilst they incubate for you.
  • The incubator has finished processing the effigies.
  • (Dialogue ends.)

Talking to Vicendithas after the incubator has processed the effigies[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: I will keep an eye on the effigies whilst they incubate for The process has finished. Collect your effigy from the incubator.
  • (Dialogue ends.)

Retrieving the effigy from the incubator[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: In return for my teachings, I will keep that effigy. Here is an example of what you will receive when collecting your own.
  • Player receives Example incubated effigy (empty).

Talking to Vicendithas with the Explosive effigy (empty)[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: You did it. An effigy succesfully[sic] incubated.
  • Tutorial ends
  • Vicendithas takes all the effigies you made during the tutorial.

Talking to Vicendithas after the tutorial is completed[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas: You did it. An effigy succesfully[sic] incubated. As you create your effigy, so do I empower my own. I shall call it the cold effigy in honour of my father. Wait...NO! The effigy needs more charge, more knowledge. It was only able to siphon a sample of the fragments of his knowledge. I need more. Much more if I am going to be able to save the ilujanka.
  • Player: Can't we just do it again?
  • Vicendithas: Yes and no. The machine uses a lot of energy, energy that takes time to recharge. There is some residual energy from before, so we might be able to set another round going, but I need more knowledge than that. I believe it would take roughly a month for the machine to power up gather enough knowledge to discover father's secrets. You will be able to continue to collect from the cracked effigies around the room but if the incubator isn't active, the materials collected don't seem to carry the same energy. These non-enriched materials aren't much use but I will take them off your hands and reward you in return. I intend on doing futher[sic] research on these. Well then, World Guardian. What do you say? Continue helping me to help the ilujanka?
Miniquest complete!