Dialogue for Sinn Derkwill

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  • Sinn Derkwill: Greetings, friend!
  • Player:
    • I'd like to view the rewards shop.
      • Sinn Derkwill: Got a selection of good things on sale, stranger!
      • Reward shop opens.
    • Who are you?
      • Sinn Derkwill: I'm Sinn Derkwill. Inhabitant of these strange lands. Takin' the chance to sell me wares to you travellers. Don't get many visitors in these parts ya see.
      • Player: Don't you get lonely down here on your own?
      • Sinn Derkwill: Oh no, me and the ol' ferryman 'ave a wonderful time. The long winter evenings fly by.
      • Player: Maybe it's the inhabitants of this place that are strange rather than the lands.
      • Sinn Derkwill: Hehehe, thank you.
    • What's going on here?
      • Sinn Derkwill: A battle that'll echo in eternity, my friend! A clash between two mighty gods of the desert pantheon. Be remembered through the ages it will! And we here are the chosen few that get to witness it. My my, whadda spectacle!
      • Player: If I help Icthlarin in this battle will I be able to purchase some of your wares?
      • Sinn Derkwill: Oh yes, got some rare things on sale, stranger! Help our old friend Icthlarin out and you'll earn Noumenon Favour ya can purchase them with.
    • Goodbye.
      • Sinn Derkwill: Come back any time.