Transcript of Silent's Spotlight #6: Player-Owned Ports - The Next Journey

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great New Year.
[00:05] This week's update is a considerable add-on to the Player Owned Ports.
[00:08] If you've never tried Ports before, it's a high level members minigame that allows you to establish your own port.
[00:13] in which you can manage a fleet of ships and crew members.
[00:16] You'll need level 90 in at least one of nine listed skills to start managing your port.
[00:20] You can start by entering the portal in Port Sarim and your goal is to get the port up and running again,
[00:25] and bring back as much treasure from the Eastern Lands as your ship can carry.
[00:28] Inside of your port you can keep track of your resources and trade goods through the interface at the top.
[00:33] And use the respective interfaces to manage your voyages, crew and even upgrade your buildings and ships as you earn more resources.
[00:41] Let's take a look at what's new.
[00:42] There's a number of new ship names for you to choose from - let me know what you can come up with!
[00:47] If you're an experienced portmaster - you'll find two more regions are available, the Loop and the Shield and over 300 new voyages.
[00:55] Within these new regions, you'll find the new resources, azure and terracotta, which can be used to further upgrade your buildings and ships.
[01:03] To accompany these new voyages, you'll also find there's new crew, ship parts and even a new tier of Captain available.
[01:09] There's a Trader turned up to the port who can be found outside of the Lodgings.
[01:12] He'll offer daily trades allowing you to turn in excess port resources for trade goods.
[01:17] You might see a new random event - where you take control of Seasinger Umi,
[01:21] finding and replacing lost items in a warehouse above the lodgings
[01:25] There are also three new fully voiced adventures to attract to the port.
[01:30] The Architect, who requires level 90 Construction, the Chef who requires level 90 Cooking,
[01:34] and the Trapper here who requires level 90 Hunter.
[01:37] And best of all, two new trade goods are available, pearls and koi sceals, which can be used to craft some epic new gear.
[01:45] You'll find The reef walkers cape, the leviathan ring and death lotus darts.
[01:51] I wish you all the best in exploring the Wushanko Isles, and I'll see you all next week in the next Spotlight video.