Transcript of Silent's Spotlight: RuneScape World Event 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Hey everyone,
I'm Silentc0re, and let's take a look at this week's update.
[00:06] This is one of the most epic in-game events yet: the World Event 2.
[00:10] This is Bandos Vs Armadyl.
[00:13] The gods are having a stand-off gathering resources to fuel a weapon powerful enough to kill the opposing god.
[00:18] Whoever wins is up to you.
[00:20] You can first of all talk to Kara Meir near the Falador loadstone.
[00:23] She'll brief you on the situation and leave it in your hands on which god you should side with.
[00:27] Bandos is located next to the Goblin Village and Armadyl, just south of Falador.
[00:31] You'll want to speak to the recruiter and join the faction.
[00:34] You'll have the god symbol above your head so you can represent your faction and identify members of the opposing god.
[00:39] After joining you'll have an interface showing the current power of each God and the total amount of renown you've earned.
[00:45] You'll also be given a token of fealty which will give you 10 free teleports to your faction camp
[00:50] and also access to a map showing caravan locations.
[00:52] You can also access this map from the map in your faction camp.
[00:56] Each god will send regular convoys gathering divine energy from the area surrounding Falador.
[01:01] These will stop in designated areas to tap the divine energy in the area.
[01:05] You have the choice to either protect your own caravans, or attack the opposing ones.
[01:09] To take down an enemy caravan, attack the guards and, once they're all dead,
[01:13] you can destroy the caravan, earning a nice healthy chunk of renown.
[01:18] This World Event has been made even more epic than the last one with the addition of optional PvP.
[01:23] You can enable this from the Adventure panel or from the PvP board at your faction.
[01:28] Having this enabled allows you to get big renown bonuses, so I'd definitely recommend turning this on.
[01:33] Plus, killing players is pretty fun!
[01:35] Areas are clearly marked where PvP is enabled.
[01:37] You can also contribute from making use of the construction nodes.
[01:41] You can claim these for your faction and build a selection of buildings.
[01:44] The more players helping - the faster you'll build.
[01:46] Equally, if you're feeling a bit destructive you can go ahead and focus your efforts on taking down enemy buildings.
[01:52] Strategy plays a large part of World Event 2.
[01:55] You can build golems upstairs in your faction tower which will assist in your battles.
[01:59] Trust me - you don't want to get on the wrong side of one of these guys.
[02:02] Make use of the voting board where you can contribute towards upgrades for your faction and debilitating effects on the enemy.
[02:09] And also the Faction Strategy Board - this is where you can have your say in the general battle strategy, covering 4 categories.
[02:14] The renown you earn fighting for your faction can be spent on some nice rewards and 3 brand new abilities.
[02:21] I'll leave those for you to explore.
[02:22] If you want to see more of the world event come along to our Twitch livestream at 5 pm tonight.
[02:26] This features one of the senior game designers, Mod Moltaire, giving a director's commentary of the update.
[02:32] I hope to see you all there!