Transcript of Silent's Spotlight: RuneScape Rise of The Six Guide: Barrows Brother Showcase

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] hey everyone I'm mod silent and welcome
[00:05] to a showcase of the new barrels update
[00:07] so this is the rise of the six and this
[00:09] was developed by mod Chris L so let's
[00:12] take a look at the brothers first stop
[00:13] is Aaron Aram's the leader of this group
[00:16] of brothers
[00:16] he's a magic caster and he casts spells
[00:18] such as blood blitz he's got a 25%
[00:20] chance to drain his target attack and
[00:23] strength levels he even has a fire
[00:25] turret special attack that incinerates
[00:27] anybody caught in his way so make sure
[00:29] you don't cross this path
[00:30] Aaron can actually levitate over the
[00:32] battlefield offering cover to the
[00:34] brothers from a distance during at which
[00:36] time he's resistant to range attacks and
[00:38] totally immune to a melee attacks as
[00:40] you'll see he can also tell for on top
[00:43] of the battlefield firing down from
[00:45] hard-to-reach places and notice the gas
[00:47] clouds that appear the red ones actually
[00:49] heal his brother's so be sure to keep
[00:51] the other brothers away from them
[00:53] next is guffin all his attacks have a
[00:56] 25% chance of healing him for the amount
[00:58] of damage inflicted Gotham can Harless
[01:01] spear are the furthest player from him
[01:03] impaling them during this time the
[01:04] player is gonna bleed out until they
[01:06] reach guffin at which point he'll pull
[01:08] the spear back out of them as he
[01:09] continues fighting so to stop the
[01:11] bleeding you just try and make your way
[01:12] back to guffin for him to remove it and
[01:14] check this he can even throw Varick for
[01:17] his special helicopter attack just a tip
[01:20] make sure you're not underneath him when
[01:21] he lands let's take a look at Derrick
[01:24] the more damage you do to him the
[01:26] angrier he gets with this as damage and
[01:28] accuracy actually increases similar to
[01:31] the guffin this is a special hurricane
[01:33] attack and this is his epic wall run
[01:37] which is followed by him turning around
[01:39] to slam the ground with his great axe
[01:41] for a large eerie effect damage so make
[01:43] sure to stay clear of this devastating
[01:44] blow this is also an important note look
[01:47] out for Derrick holding his great axe up
[01:49] in the air as you'll become immune to
[01:51] attacks for a few seconds siphoning any
[01:53] damage done to his weapon to be
[01:55] unleashed on his next attack next stop
[01:59] is toerag torrents attacks all have a
[02:01] 25% chance of lowering his targets
[02:03] adrenaline by 5% he can immobilize a
[02:07] player with his hammer
[02:07] and the player caught in this attack
[02:09] will take constant damage until another
[02:10] player hits Touareg in the back to
[02:12] release them
[02:13] this one realized in good teamwork I
[02:14] gotta say I love this animation
[02:17] similarly he has the three special
[02:19] attacks the hurricane the helicopter and
[02:22] the wall run brother 5 is Varrick his
[02:26] attacks of a 25% chance to hit outright
[02:28] through armor and then all of his
[02:30] attacks will hit through careers as well
[02:31] as draining your career points he has a
[02:35] very specific special attack that can
[02:36] tie the players soul to a specific spot
[02:38] in the room rapidly draining their
[02:40] prayer if they don't locate and stand on
[02:41] it notice the green arrows Varick also
[02:44] has a special attack that sees him
[02:46] through and by either guffin or Touareg
[02:48] spinning around his flail like a
[02:49] helicopter blade tracking a player and
[02:51] then slamming them down on arrival and
[02:54] last and certainly not least as Carol
[02:56] now he's possibly the deadliest brother
[02:58] of them all his attacks all have a 25%
[03:01] chance to lord the targets magic and
[03:03] attack level Carol is also similar to
[03:06] Arum that he has a special beam attack
[03:08] that electrocutes a wide area and can
[03:10] also teleport to areas within the
[03:11] battlefield Carol can also move quickly
[03:14] from place to place leaving behind a
[03:16] shadow portal that will quickly become
[03:18] unstable if left alone detonating over a
[03:20] wide area causing mass damage so be sure
[03:23] to close the portal if you see it so all
[03:26] these brothers might so manageable one
[03:27] at a time for how about killing them all
[03:29] at once all these brothers work together
[03:31] check out this awesome matrix jump as
[03:33] guffin throws Carol out of the way and
[03:35] if you end up at what's known as the
[03:37] Shadow Realm well I'll leave that for
[03:39] you to work out if you manage to kill
[03:42] all of the brothers it's not over yet
[03:43] you'll still have to make it over the
[03:45] dungeon alive I hope you found this
[03:47] video helpful leave a rating if you did
[03:49] and have fun with the new content I'll
[03:51] see you next time