Transcript of Silent's Spotlight: RuneScape Companion Web App

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] everyone I'm silent core and this week I
[00:05] have something really unique to show you
[00:06] this is the official runescape mobile
[00:09] web app for the first time ever you can
[00:10] talk to your friends on your mobile
[00:12] phone tablet or PC without anything to
[00:14] log into the fill game so let's take an
[00:16] in-depth look at what you can do
[00:17] depending on your device your first of
[00:19] all want to open up your browser and
[00:21] enter runescape com fold / companion if
[00:23] your device allows it you'll want to hit
[00:25] this button to add the application to
[00:27] your home screen and from here you can
[00:29] open up the app and log into your
[00:30] landscape account as normal currently
[00:32] there's four options in the side menu
[00:33] for you to explore the first tab is the
[00:36] chat Center you can use these four
[00:37] options to switch between all chat
[00:39] private chat friends and clan chat
[00:41] channels each player chatting will have
[00:42] the forum avatar displayed next to the
[00:44] message and you can even click this to
[00:45] add them as a friend message or report
[00:47] the app will even remember your previous
[00:49] friends chat channel to allow you to
[00:50] quickly rejoin that the next tab is your
[00:53] friends list which is the same as you'll
[00:54] see in game and here you can see who's
[00:56] online send messages or even add new
[00:57] friends you can even assign ranks here
[00:59] for your friends chat channel if you
[01:02] have a clan this next tab is for you you
[01:04] can keep in touch with your clan
[01:05] wherever you go and lastly the Settings
[01:07] tab where you can set your online status
[01:08] for all chats and even set up a new
[01:10] friends chat channel if you'd like to
[01:12] see a full list of devices which are
[01:14] currently supported take a look at our
[01:15] website linked in the description on
[01:17] Android and desktop it works based on
[01:19] Chrome and on iOS you should use the
[01:20] Safari Browser it's worth noting that
[01:23] this is the first release of the app and
[01:24] even has a whole dedicated team working
[01:26] on it there's going to be continued
[01:28] improvements made to the performance
[01:29] this app and the devices supported next
[01:31] year the best thing about this
[01:33] application is that is completely
[01:34] community driven throughout 28 14 is
[01:36] gonna be plenty new features added to
[01:38] the at an example of this would be the
[01:39] grand exchange which was voted the most
[01:40] popular feature let me know what you
[01:42] think of the app in the comments I'll be
[01:44] passing your feedback on to the
[01:45] developers and have yourselves a merry
[01:46] christmas
[01:49] you