Transcript of Silent's Spotlight: RuneScape Community Features!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] hey everyone I'm sonic or and this
[00:05] week's update is a batch of community
[00:06] features I'm going to show you how to
[00:08] improve your social life with this
[00:10] week's social updates this was worked on
[00:12] by mods days Asher's Ryan Oliver and Stu
[00:15] oh let's take a look at some of these
[00:17] changes for the first time ever you can
[00:19] now add notes to people in your friends
[00:21] and ignore list helping you keep track
[00:23] of who's who are just allowing you to
[00:25] remember how much of a noob somebody is
[00:26] just right click their name click Add no
[00:29] and from here you can type a custom
[00:30] message or just quitter completely I
[00:32] have to say I really like this one beams
[00:35] light now highlight drops worth 1 mil or
[00:37] more as well as certain untradeable
[00:39] drops such as clue scrolls and effigies
[00:41] the more valuable the drop the more all
[00:43] aspiring the beam looks next up there's
[00:45] a new animation for your character
[00:46] displayed when you log in many of the
[00:49] older of all animations have been
[00:50] improved check out this jump for joy
[00:53] members can now wear loyalty point
[00:56] outfits on free-to-play worlds similarly
[00:58] max and completion escapes are no longer
[01:00] unequipped when you log into a
[01:01] free-to-play world there's a new
[01:04] broadcast filter in the main chat tab
[01:06] this will allow you to see server
[01:07] broadcast such as 99 skill announcements
[01:10] even if your game messaging is filtered
[01:12] or switched off entirely you know how
[01:15] fireworks displayed for every ten
[01:16] million XP you earn in a skill after
[01:18] reaching level 99 just a little booster
[01:20] if you're going for a crazy 200ml XP go
[01:23] there are no hide options for every
[01:25] equipment slot in the wardrobe interface
[01:27] as you'll see here I'm wearing armor the
[01:29] nobody else can see there's a new trade
[01:32] and assistance chat tab this is really
[01:35] useful on busy worlds to keep your trade
[01:36] and assists separate from public chat
[01:38] areas there's also an option to display
[01:40] chat from the person you're trading with
[01:42] there's a small helpful change we made
[01:44] to sinkholes you can now enter one well
[01:46] wearing the ring of kinship or the demon
[01:48] hi Nora this just saves you having to
[01:50] bank them before you enter so now onto
[01:53] some of the smaller more usability of
[01:54] this there's a new quick fill option on
[01:57] the gym bag have you ever wanted to
[01:59] collect burnt fish food bond while
[02:01] cooking in the dungeons now stacks it's
[02:04] now possible to turn off the quick
[02:05] inventory slots if you're banking and
[02:08] click to remove all items that you're
[02:09] wearing you're no longer bank and
[02:11] tomorrow for your convenience bonus XP
[02:14] is now shown in the tooltip displayed
[02:16] when you hover over an XP progress
[02:18] circle and also beneath your XP total
[02:20] the text displayed on successful waste
[02:23] less smithing is now orange just to be
[02:25] more visible when you have familiar
[02:27] options toggled off the option to store
[02:29] will now be visible in bags for easy
[02:31] withdrawal you can now right-click the
[02:35] demon home smuggler and click clacks to
[02:37] quickly receive runes also if you've
[02:39] bound a portion you'll get that when
[02:41] entering a dungeon lastly well training
[02:43] divination keybinds have now been added
[02:45] to the conversion interface this means
[02:48] you can use keys 1 2 3 to quickly do
[02:50] this I hope y'all enjoyed today's
[02:52] spotlight and I'll see you all in game