Transcript of Silent's Spotlight: RuneScape Coinshare, New Tutorial & World Map Improvements

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Hey, everyone! I'm Silent Core, and welcome back to Silent's Spotlight.
[00:06] Let's take a look at this week's updates.
[00:09] We now have a new tutorial. That's right: a brand new shiny tutorial island!
[00:13] In this tutorial you'll find yourself not only learning to mine, fish and cook,
[00:17] but also fighting off hoards of undead,
[00:20] and greeting an undead cow.
[00:23] This is a whole new area designed to give new players a much better opening game experience.
[00:27] So if you haven't already convinced your friends to play RuneScape, now is the time.
[00:32] If you already have a RuneScape account and want to give it a try,
[00:34] you don't need to make a new account to play it.
[00:36] You can just talk to Gudrik, found here at the southwest of Taverley, near the bank.
[00:40] Make sure you also tune into our official live stream on Twitch,
[00:43] with the director's commentary from the developers themselves.
[00:46] Next stop is the World Map.
[00:48] This is one of the most requested improvements from the community.
[00:51] The map has had a whole technological rework, meaning loading time has been drastically improved.
[00:55] Watch as it opens almost instantaneously.
[00:57] The free and members areas are now highlighted
[01:00] so F2P players can now easily distinguish the areas they can access.
[01:04] You can even click on the region badges to see what's in store for these members areas.
[01:08] It will show you locations, quests or signature features for that area.
[01:11] The whole interface has been visually updated for easy navigation around the map, with clearer-to-read fonts.
[01:18] Next stop is Coinshare.
[01:20] This was delayed from last week just for those last few finishing touches.
[01:23] There's been a massive improvement made to the whole Coinshare system.
[01:27] First the Coinshare will no longer give the player or group money directly.
[01:31] Instead, it will work out which items will dropped and give every player in the group
[01:35] a stackable tradeable item that will be a shard of that item.
[01:38] As you'll see here, the godsword produces a godsword shard.
[01:41] Collect 120 of these and then you can click on the shard collection to combine them into the item.
[01:47] Shards that are dropped will be placed straight into your bank instead of your inventory
[01:51] to allow you to keep your precious inventory space.
[01:53] If your bank is full it will go into your inventory,
[01:55] and if your inventory is full, it will drop straight to the floor.
[01:58] Don't worry, you'll get a track message letting you know exactly where it's gone.
[02:01] The best thing about this update is that it will really help the economy.
[02:04] The previous system forced the prices of certain items to behave differently from their real market value.
[02:08] This will tone down the cash and item injections caused by the previous Coinshare.
[02:13] Lastly, the Festive Aura will be making a return to RuneScape.
[02:17] Just like last year, the Festive Aura will reactivate through the whole of December.
[02:22] Players who already have the aura from last year will have it automatically reactivated.
[02:25] If you don't have it, you'll have to collect it from one of the snow implings dotted around Gielinor.
[02:29] You can find these at Burthorpe, Edgeville, Ardogne, Falador and the Grand Exchange.
[02:34] Every day during December you can activate this aura for 30 minutes of 50% bonus XP.
[02:40] It can be used for a maximum of 50 thousand XP per day.
[02:44] Remember, it can only be used once per day,
[02:45] so make sure to log in every day in December to make the most of it.
[02:49] I hope you all enjoyed this week's updates, and we'll see you next week.