Transcript of Signature Heroes

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This transcript involves dialogue with Ariane, Sir Owen, and Ozan.

At Daemonheim[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: We can't take ANYTHING in with us?
  • Ariane: Nothing except ordinary clothes. The Fremennik are being very careful about that taint.
  • Ozan: Why would Carn want to hide here if it meant giving up his equipment?
  • Sir Owen: It levels the playing field. He has to give up his bow, but he knows we'll have to give up our armour as well.
  • Ozan: I don't need equipment! I'll fight him with my bare hands! Man to man!
  • Ariane: We can make new equipment when we're in there. That's what he'll be doing right now.
  • Sir Owen: That sounds more sensible, Ozan.
  • Ozan: I could still take him.
  • Ariane: Linza told me about the unique materials people have found in the dungeon. If we get a chance to smuggle anything out past the Fremennik...
  • Sir Owen: Only if we get a chance. The mission comes first. Alright, I think we're ready. Let's go.
  • Ariane, Sir Owen and Ozan walk to the dungeon entrance and disappear.