Dialogue for Sigli the Huntsman

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This transcript involves dialogue with Sigli the Huntsman and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before The Fremennik Trials[edit | edit source]

  • Sigli The Huntsman: I do not speak to outerlanders. If you have anything of import to say, go and speak to the Chieftain.

After The Fremennik Trials[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello again Sigli.
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Hello again to you [Fremennik name]. How goes the hunt?
  • Player: The hunt? I've already done your task! That's why I'm a Fremennik now!
  • Sigli the Huntsman: You think so do you? The Draugen is always out there, just as I and my hunters are always on its trail to keep it at bay. The hunt will never end until I do.

After talking to Irwinsson[edit | edit source]

Before getting the bow[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Sigli! Your son. I have spoken to your son!
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Irwinsson?! I..I don't believe it, he's alive?
  • Player: Yes he is alive, and he misses you. He's sorry for leaving the way that he did and wanted you to know that he loves you.
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Oh my boy. What have I done? I can't believe that I pushed him away like this. It was never my intention. I only ever wanted him to succeed and be the best he could be. I feel so guilty. Is he well?
  • Player: Actually yes, considering the life he has been living on Anachronia I'd say he is thriving. He hunts creatures bigger than I have ever seen!
  • Player: And he forgives you, you know. You're his idol and he's always looked up to you.
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Oh I am so glad that he is safe and well. Thank you for coming to me, Player. Really, I cannot thank you enough. Please, take this for me. I had it made special for him and I think now is the time for him to have it.
  • The player receives Irwinsson's greatbow.
  • Player: I'll be sure to take it to him.

After having lost the bow[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Sigli I'm so sorry, I've lost the bow. Do you have another?
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Fortunately I made another in case this happened. Please be more careful this time.
  • Player: I'll be sure to take it to him and not lose it this time.