Dialogue for Shiratti the Custodian

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Before Spirits of the Elid[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Good day to you.
    • Shiratti The Custodian: Be Careful in here and don't touch anything! There's some old and valuable artefacts around here. Careless outsiders.. you're always coming in and making a mess of things!
    • Player: Ok calm down, I'm not going to touch anything.
    • Shiratti The Custodian: Yes, good don't.
  • Player: What is this building?
    • Shiratti The Custodian: This is our local shrine to She.
    • Player: What do you mean by She?
    • Shiratti The Custodian: Such ignorance! I suppose I should come to expect it. People are forgetting the old ways of the desrt around here. But then.. What do those beuraeucratic fools in Menaphos expect! If they're going to take so long to send us a new pirestess of She. Do you know we haven't had one for five years now!
    • Player: Errm you still haven't told me what you mean by She.
    • Shiratti The Custodian: She! Otherwise known as Elidinis, Goddess of growth and fertility, Lady of the river, Wife of Tumeken, Flower of the desert, Mother of Itchlarin.
    • Player: That all sounds very confusing, I might just call her Elidinis for short.

After Spirits of the Elid[edit | edit source]

  • Shiratti The Custodian: Thanks for returning the statuette. You have freed us of our curse. May you forever be considered a friend of Elidinis and her followers.