Transcript of Shield of Arrav journal entry

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  • I read about a valuable shield stolen long ago by a gang of thieves with an outstanding reward upon it.
  • I spoke to Charlie the tramp near the south entrance to Varrock.
  • According to him the Black Arm Gang hideout is down the Alley near him, and their leader is a fierce woman named Katrine.
  • Katrine said if I wanted to join the Black Arm Gang, I'd have to steal two Phoenix crossbows from their rival, the Phoenix Gang. Baraek told me that the Phoenix Gang have a hideout in the south-eastern part of Varrock, disguising themselves as the VTAM Corporation.
  • I fount Straven, the leader of the Phoenix Gang (not that he'd admit to it) in their underground hideout. To join the Phoenix Gang, and therefore obtain their half of the Shield of Arrav, Straven Implied i'll need to retrieve an intelligence report from Jonny the Beard, a Black Arm Gang member who hangs out in the Blue Moon Inn.
  • I killed Jonny the Beard in the Blue Moon Inn and retrieved his report.
  • I presented the intelligence report to Straven and was welcomed into the Phoenix Gang. As long as i remain loyal to the gang, i'll have access to their hideout, including the Phoenix Gang weapon stash.
  • I managed to obtain two phoenix crossbows from the Phoenix Gang's weapons store, and gave them to Katrine. She welcomed me as a Black Arm Gang member. As long i remain loyal to the gang, I'll have access to the Black Arm Gang hideout.
  • I found half of the Shield of Arrav in the Phoenix Gang's hideout.
  • I found half of the Shield of Arrav in the Back Arm Gang's hideout.
  • I combined both halves of the Shield of Arrav.
  • I was able to retrieve both parts of the fabled Shield of Arrav. I presented the Shield of Arrav to King Roald in the throne room of Varrock palace. It will be returned to the Museum of Varrock. In recognition of my efforts, King Roald paid me the reward set by his ancestor.
  • I gained 1 Quest Point, 1200 coins, 2 Treasure hunter Keys.