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This transcript involves dialogue with Sheep, Cow, and the player.

In Zanaris[1][edit | edit source]

Just met dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Sheep: Hello, I've just finished composing my latest poem. Would you like to hear it?
  • Select An Option
    • Yes, please.
      • Sheep: Excellent! The human's an aficionado! Make yourself comfortable and I'll begin...
      • Sheep: T'was brillig and the slithey toathes
        Did gyre and gimbol in the wabe
        All mimsy were the borrowgroves
        And the mome raths outgrabe.
        • Cow: That's not even your poem, you idiotic, animated ball of
        • Sheep: How now foolish cow? Do you read poetry, instead of pulling a plough?
          • Cow: I'm not talking to you any more, you're nasty.
          • Sheep: Oh no! Cow's not talking to me!
          • Sheep: Do I look like I care?
      • (Shows other poems next rounds )
    • No, thanks.
      • Sheep: Huh, the cow's right. You humans have absolutely no understanding of art!

      • Sheep: Twinkle, twinkle little egg
        Wouldn't you like to grow some legs?
        And run around, on grass so green
        arguing with the milk and cream.

      • Sheep: How goes it, blade of grass?
        I'm glad you're not any thinner
        You should invite your friends around
        So I can have my dinner!

  1. ^ . Requires completion of the quest "Lost City" to access Zanaris.