Dialogue for Sharrigan

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In Anachronia base camp[edit | edit source]

  • Sharrigan: We meet again.
    • Who are you?
      • Sharrigan: I am Sharrigan. I am...was the Pastkeeper for the Ilujanka. Well, I suppose I still am, but also now something else.
      • Sharrigan: My role was to remember the stories of our people, but since Vindicta visited Iaia, some of our young have decided to become pioneers, travel here and find a new home.
      • Sharrigan: Many of them have decided to colonise this island, or at least stop here initially, as it bears some resemblance to our world - the jungles, the animals, the climate.
      • Sharrigan: Since I have visited this world before I volunteered to come with and support them, to keep reminding them of where they come from.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • What are you collecting?
      • Sharrigan: Would you like to view my collections or simply discuss them?
        • View collections.
        • Talk about collections.
          • Sharrigan: I figure I may as well learn some of the stories of those who once lived here too. Telling stories of the past is my reason for being.
          • Sharrigan: I have become fascinated with the dragonkin who once lived here, and so will accept any artefacts found on this island.
          • (Shows previous-to-previous options)
    • What are your collection rewards?
      • Sharrigan: Of course, you humans enjoy your rewards...
      • Sharrigan: I have struck a deal with the archaeologists working here. They have agreed to give me any compacted resources they find while performing their tasks.
      • Sharrigan: Now, I have many crates full of wood, vines, leaves, pelts, stone and clay.
      • Sharrigan: For completing my first collection, I will exchange six of these crates. You may select which compacted resource each of them grants you. I have plenty in stock of every type.
      • Sharrigan: Then, for my second and fourth collections, I will exchange some rex skeleton fragments. I am intrigued at the reconstruction going on elsewhere in base camp.
      • Sharrigan: And as for my third collection, I have discovered a powerful magical relic from one of the dragonkin crypts.
      • Sharrigan: It was once owned by a dragonkin named Kaladan. The staff itself is named Kaladanda, which suggests either this dragonkin named or created it.
      • Player: So, colloquially, the 'Staff of Kaladan'? What does it do?
      • Sharrigan: There are carvings all over it depicting scenes of death - bones and ashes and the like. It exudes an aura of death magic, but also new life - it reminds me of Iaia, of the Olun'dai.
      • Sharrigan: I believe its effects relate to the moment that your enemies perish, collecting their remains in an easily stored form, giving them new purpose.
      • Sharrigan: Besides all of that, I also have chronotes.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • Bye.
      • Sharrigan: Until next time.