Dialogue for Sharkborne

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This transcript involves dialogue with Sharkborne and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Sharkborne: Hey, new fish! Welcome to Waiko! Have a copy of our tourist brochure!
  • If you have the Arc journal already:
    • Player: I've got one, thanks.
    • (Continues below)
  • If you don't have the Arc journal:
    • The Arc journal appears in the player's inventory.
    • (Continues below)
  • Player: You're enthusiastic!
  • Sharkborne: Of course, Waiko is great, and we love western tourists! Any questions? I'm here to help! Or read the brochure!
  • Any questions?
    • Where are the uncharted isles?
      • Sharkborne: You should talk to Rosie in Waiko market - she's our ship chandler. Buy some supplies from here, and then you'll be able to head out on an expedition on your own boat! She's even generous enough to give you a handful of supplies every day for free! And if you want to claim an uncharted island as your own, you'd best talk to Boni, also in Waiko market. She's looking for help with a little project.
    • Anything here for skillers?
      • Sharkborne: Of course! There are a couple of basic amenities here on Waiko...some bamboo around the market area and some fishing spots on the south dock. If you're after trickier fish to land, though, you should head to Whale's Maw. There's some tortles to hunt there too, so I've heard. These are all only basic resources, however. They're pretty good to sell for chimes, but they're not great experience. But if you head out to explore the uncharted islands, you'll be able to gain some really nice experience, and better resources worth more chimes. Better still, if you're able to gather a wider range of resources, you can spend some extra effort to turn them into commodities, which sell for even more chimes!
    • Anything here for killers?
      • Sharkborne: There's plenty of dangerous fauna, monsters and people out in the uncharted islands. But it sounds like Aminishi might be your sort of speed. Last I heard, there was a Death Lotus assassin out that way...you should talk to them for more information.
    • Anything here for questers?
      • Sharkborne: Hey, if you're ever looking for work you should talk to Sojobo in Waiko market. His contracts are a good way to learn the ropes, while also earning some chimes and experience. But I'm sure if you ask around, there'll be a bunch of other odd jobs you can pick up too!
    • No, I'm good, thanks.
      • (Dialogue ends)