Dialogue for Shanomi

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  • Shanomi: Greetings Player. Welcome you are in the test of combat.
    • What do I do here?
      • Player: What do I do here?
      • Shanomi: A spare suit of plate armour need you will. Full helm, plate leggings and platebody yes? Placing it in the centre of the magical machines you will be doing. KA-POOF! The armour, it attacks most furiously as if alive! Kill it you must, yes.
      • Player: So I use a full set of plate armour on the centre plate of the machines and it will animate it? Then I have to kill my own armour... how bizarre!
      • Player: You're not from around here are you...?
      • Shanomi: It is as you say.
      • Player: So will I lose my armour?
      • Shanomi: Lose armour you will if damaged too much it becomes. Rare this is, but still possible. If kill you the armour does, also lose armour you will.
      • Player: So, occasionally I might lose a bit because it's being bashed about and I'll obviously lose it if I die... that it?
    • Where do the machines come from?
      • Player: Where do the machines come from?
      • Shanomi: Make them I did, with magics.
      • Player: Magic, in the Warrior's Guild?
      • Shanomi: A skilled warrior also am I. Harrallak mistakes does not make. Potential in my invention he sees and opportunity grasps.
      • Player: I see, so you made the magical machines and Harrallak saw how they could be used in the guild to train warrior's combat... interesting. Harrallak certainly is an intelligent
    • Bye.
      • Player: Bye!
      • Shanomi: Health be with you travelling.