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This transcript involves dialogue with Dr Nabanik.

Finding a journal page[edit | edit source]

  • You find Praetorian's log page [number].
  • (If the page was the first one found:)
    • Mystery Uncovered: 'Shadow Fall'.

Praetorian's log[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Praetorian's log page 1.

Field report, day 3: We've been tracking a flight of icyene for two days now. Initially, we thought they were just passing by, but after watching them long enough, they're clearly flying in the direction of Kharid-et, just trying to mask their true destination. Nothing the fort couldn't repel, but no doubt they are just scouts for a larger force.

Field report, day 4: The icyene scouts veered off to the west today, unexpectedly. I sent a couple of my squad out to track beyond their path and they brought back word of a war party of avernics. In years past, that would have been sign for celebration - reinforcements. Given recent events, we must assume them to be hostile. Thankfully, the demons are not the smartest, and did not appear to notice being spotted by our flying foes, being that they were marching directly south towards the fort.

Field report, day 6: Our plan appears to be working... We've revealed our presence to the war party and have been leading them back east, closer to the icyene. We know they can't fly all day and all night, so they'll have to make camp someday soon. When they do, we'll lead them into conflict with each other. At best, they'll both need to retreat, but at worst, we'll have a much smaller enemy force to deal with.

-Titus of the Praetorian Guard
The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Praetorian's log page 2.

Field report, day 8: The plan worked perfectly. The icyene should not have been caught by surprise like that...should have kept sight on the demons...but they let their guard down. Too consumed with their pious need to smite our 'evil empire', no doubt. While they were camping last night, we trailed a war band of demons through their ranks and they were almost wiped out. The few survivors flew off in retreat back north-east.

Field report, day 12: The war band we broke off to deal with the icyene has rejoined the main war party and they continue their determined march south to Kharid-et. We'll do what we can to harass their scouts as we go, but it would be safest to take word back to the Prefect.

Field report, day 14: We reach the fort this morning. Intel delivered. Avernic war party, thousands strong, en route to Kharid-et. Only two of the exploratores squads have returned, some with extra supplies, but not much.

-Titus of the Praetorian Guard
The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Praetorian's log page 3.

Field report, day 1: I am conflicted, but I have my orders. While I do not want to leave my compatriots behind, the Prefect has requested for me to lead the evacuation of fort's civilian populace to safety. I fear the fort is lost. We cannot last out against this siege for much longer. The avernics outside will not spare the innocent, disgusting creatures that they are. Preparations are underway for the journey ahead. The Praetor wishes to speak with me before I head out.

Field report, day 2: The Praetor handed me a large gem - seemingly black in colour, but a purple hue shines from within when it gets caught by the light. She told me it was to ensure this gem did not fall into the hands of our enemies, should the fort fall as I suspect...but she also told me it contains a magic that should mask our movements. While I am good at reading people, I have never been good at reading her, and I could not tell if her concern lay with protecting this artefact, or if she was more concerned with ensuring our safety as we escaped. I swear I caught the corner of a smile as she handed it to me, though.

Field report, day 3: Preparations are complete; no time to lose. At daybreak, we were led through the kitchens into a little-used storeroom, within which some of our priests spoke a chant of 'de fumo strangulatus' at a back wall...which opened to reveal a secret exit.

-Titus of the Praetorian Guard
The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Praetorian's log page 4.

Field report, day 4: The secret tunnels leading out are long and winding, filled with obstacles and traps. I have been leading the way, sending some of the scouts ahead to map our path and make it safe. One of them unfortunately perished right before we reached the exit, an overlook of the River Elid. We camped for the night in the tunnels. Tomorrow, we head out into the Kharidian. We have allies out there somewhere; we'll make for them in the morning for shelter.

Field report, day 10: The trees have thinned out and we've hit the edges of a burgeoning desert. I'd heard reports of this - since our victory against the Kharidians and the destruction of their god Tumeken, the area had begun a process of desertification. Thankfully, we can skirt around its edge to our destination on the western shore.

Field report, day 14: We have arrived. Some were lost along the way to exhaustion, but we were thankfully not harried by animals or other enemies. Two weeks ago, I was a praetorian of the empire. Today I am a refugee. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

-Titus of the Praetorian Guard
The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Praetorian's log page 5.

Field report...

No, I don't know why I continue with this. Who is there left to read my reports? I've done what I can to support the camp, setting up what remains of my squad to scout further out to ensure we remain safe here. So far, it seems our most dangerous foe will be this encroaching desert. It spreads unnaturally fast, and though it may take years to reach our camp, it is coming, and they must prepare for it.

I will soon head off on the second part of the mission the Praetor gave me - to track down Azzanadra and deliver this shadow diamond to him. I stare at it every night. It is clear to me now that it shadows our presence here, but the more I look into it, the more I feel its shadow within me. My anger towards the situation I find myself in grows. I was happy in my life with the praetorians, serving the empire. I had purpose, and now I am naught but a delivery boy.

I want revenge. To get justice for my fallen brothers and sisters. Not on the demons who attacked us - they are but pawns - but on Zamorak the betrayer. Mahjarrat or no, he will pay for his traitorous acts. Tomorrow, I set out north to find either of them...

If only the Pontifex Maximus had stayed to defend the fort, things might have turned out differently!

May they both be damned.

-Titus Damis

Dr Nabanik[edit | edit source]

Talking to Dr Nabanik about the mystery[edit | edit source]

  • Dr Nabanik: We've made some good progress, but we need to find more clues.