Dialogue for Servant (ScapeRune)

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  • Before feeding Evil Bob
    • Servant: You'd better get Evil Bob some supper or he might make you his new slave.
    • Select an option
      • How do I do that?
        • Servant: Just use one of the fishing spots on the coast - any of them will do - and catch something. Then use the pots here to prepare the meal, and feed it to Evil Bob.
        • Player: Okay, thanks.
        • (Dialogue ends)
      • Maybe some other time.
        • Servant: Okay, but don't hang around too long or Evil Bob might force you to!
        • (Dialogue ends)
  • After feeding Evil Bob
    • Servant: Thanks for feeding him and putting him to sleep.
    • Servant: You should escape while you can.
    • Player: Oh, I wasn't trapped here. I could have left at anytime[sic]. You should escape now, though.
    • Servant: Oh, that's okay. It's not so bad here.
    • Player: You do know where 'here' is, though, don't you?
    • Servant: Of course - this is ScapeRune! It's a sort of mirror dimension to your world... but like one designed by someone who didn't fully understand the word 'opposite'.
    • Servant: Believe me, I used to want for nothing more than to escape, but Evil Bob... well, he's not so bad; he's grown on me.
    • Servant: He lets me explore the island sometimes, he strokes my hair...
    • Servant: ... plus I should be getting my new litter tray soon!
    • Player: I think you might have been here too long. You've become conditioned to your - um - conditions.
    • Servant: Maybe so, but at least I'm happy now. How many people can truly say that?
    • Servant: Farewell!
    • (Dialogue ends)