Dialogue for Serjeant Cole

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  • Player: Excuse me, sir.
  • Serjeant Cole: Yes?
    • Player: Who are you?
      • Serjeant Cole: I am Serjeant Cole, an officer of A.R.M.S. for 4 years, I'll have you know.
      • Player: What's 'arms', except for handy limbs?
      • Serjeant Cole: The Army Recruitment and Mobilisation Society. We're here to make sure that all war heroes and warriors can earn a living through honourable combat.
      • Serjeant Cole: It's a job of great responsibility that you could learn from.
      • Player: You seem very proud.
      • Serjeant Cole: Naturally. There is no higher honour.
    • Player: Can I exchange my reward credits?
      • Serjeant Cole: So, you're a man of combat, are you? I've a selection of reward items and spoils of war. I can also imbue rings.
        • Player: Reward items. [opens interface]
        • Player: Spoils of war. [opens interface]
        • Player: Imbue rings.
          • Serjeant Cole: I can imbue gold rings for you, giving you additional combat boosts. It'll cost 37,100 reward credits.
        • Player: I've changed my mind.
    • Player: Can I change my rank prefix please?
      • Serjeant Cole: Of course. What rank prefix would you like?
      • [title selection]
    • Player: Sorry, I thought you were someone else.