Dialogue for Sergeant Damien

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This transcript involves dialogue with Sergeant Damien and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking to Sergeant Damien in Balthazar's Big Top Bonanza.

  • Sergeant Damien: Someone should whip these recruits into shape.
  • Player: Yes, sir!
  • Sergeant Damien: At ease, soldier; I'm not on duty.
  • Player: Then what are you doing here, Sergeant Damien, sir, if I might ask?
  • Sergeant Damien: Balthazar's a buddy of mine, from my old unit. After the war - you know, THE war - old BB retired to civilian life; set up this little carnival of his. Now my drill sergeant days are behind me, he offered me a job here as a roustie.
  • Player: A roustie? What's that?
  • Sergeant Damien: A roustabout, boy; a roughneck; a handyman! I keep all the equipment in good repair, do all the manual labour, and - best of all - I get to keep the audience in line! There's no better work for an old soldier like me.

Overhead dialogue[edit | edit source]

As Sergeant Damien walks around Balthazar's Big Top Bonanza, he repeats several overhead messages in short patterns.

  • Each pattern always starts with the same overhead message:
    • I don't know what I been told!
  • The pattern is then followed by one of the following at random:
    • Acheron is mighty cold!
    • Don't flat call - you raise or fold!
    • Dwarven miners love their gold!
    • I'm a demon; really old!
    • This tent's corners smell of mould!
  • The pattern is then followed by another segment that always starts with:
    • Do some circus tricks for me!
  • The second segment then continues with one of the following at random:
    • Show off your agility!
    • Using emotes is the key!
    • I would love a cup of tea!
    • Show me some variety!
    • Then drop and give me twenty!
  • The pattern always ends in the same overhead message, before repeating from the start, once again randomizing:
    • Sound off! 1-2-3-4!