Dialogue for Sergeant Abram

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This transcript involves dialogue with Sergeant Abram and the player.
  • Player: Tell me about the Lumbridge Guardsmen.
    • Sergeant Abram: I spoke to a few people who asked me about joining the Lumbridge Guardsmen. To be asked, you need to be a true local. I mean, when the call to arms is raised, you don't want your troops to be scattered across the world: they need to be waiting here, ready to spring in to action.
    • (Dialogue ends)
  • Player: What is there to do around here?
    • Sergeant Abram: If you'd like to make a bit of spending money, try speaking to the skill tutors. They go through a lot of supplies, so I'm sure they'd be happy to pay you to make the supplies they need.
    • Sergeant Abram: If you're interested in learning to make leather armour, there's the cow field to get hides, and through the eastern tollgate you can reach the tanner and Crafting Shop.
    • (Dialogue ends)
  • Player: Tell me about Lumbridge.
    • Sergeant Abram: It used to be much nicer here, before the goblins overran the east side of town. You'd think that the Guardsmen would be sent to flush them out, but for every one we slay, three more appear in its place.
    • Sergeant Abram: If I'm honest, I don't much care for it here. I understand why so many do enjoy the lifestyle, but I long for the city life. If I do well in my job here, perhaps I could move to Varrock, or Falador, and join the guards there.
    • Sergeant Abram: I suppose it's a good place to find your feet in the world. There's reasonable fishing in the river, and with lots of farmland around it's rare that you go hungry. Yes, there's plenty worse places you could live in than Lumbridge.
    • (Dialogue ends)
  • Player: What exactly are you guarding?
    • Sergeant Abram: Peace, happiness, tranquillity, that sort of thing. So, let me know if you see anything upsetting. Dragons in cellars, goblins under beds, that sort of thing.
    • Sergeant Abram: I suppose I'm guarding the castle, and the Lumbridge way of life. Although, there was once a dragon near here, and I helped defend the castle from it. That was an exciting time!
    • (Dialogue ends)