Dialogue for Sentinel Plaguemanst

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This transcript involves dialogue with Sentinel Plaguemanst and the player.

Standard Dialogue (after completing River of Blood)[edit | edit source]

  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: The nobles are all still talking about how Vanescula was defeated at the Salve...though, er, not out loud. So don't tell her I said anything...
  • Player: Why not?
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: I don't know, maybe because I enjoy being alive. Vanescula REALLY doesn't like to lose. To suggest as much in the open is a good way to wind up a corpse.
  • Player: Really?
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: That's what I've heard, anyway. Best not to tempt fate, though, so really, don't tell her I said anything.