Dialogue for Sensei Seaworth

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This transcript involves dialogue with Sensei Seaworth and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When talking to Sensei Seaworth on Tuai Leit.

  • Sensei seaworth: Any questions?
  • Any questions about kami?
    • What are kami spirits?
      • Sensei seaworth: That's what I'm trying to figure out. So far, I've determined that they are spirits of some kind. Considering their tendency to be animalistic, my leading theory is that they are the wandering spirits of deceased sea monsters.
      • Player: Are they all creatures of the sea, though?
      • Sensei seaworth: From what I've witnessed so far, no. There are bird-like ones, and mammals, and then some really strange ones You know, though, that there are more 'monsters' in the Wushanko Isles than live in the sea. My theory is that they are all connected somehow. Though it's true, we do have a lot of water here, so perhaps that's why we predominantly find sea monsters.
    • What does 'bakami' mean?
      • Sensei seaworth: Well, that's just my name for them. It's sort of a joke, but I discovered them, so I got to name them! You might well already know the word 'kami' - it's sort of our word for...well, it can mean a lot of things - spirits, gods - but we mainly use it when referring to sea monsters. But the word 'baka', that again can have many meanings - idiot, silly - but I see it in this case being closer to 'mischievous'.
      • Player: So, 'bakami' means 'idiot gods'?
      • Sensei seaworth: That's losing the nuance. It's more like 'mischievous spirits of sea monsters'...though they aren't all sea monsters, and some seem friendly, others dangerous. Mostly, they're quite benign, though. 'Orokami' means much the same thing, though there is a slight difference. Whatever bakami are, orokami are the same but 'more' in some way.
    • Can I toggle my kami spirit reward?
      • Which would you prefer from catching kami?
        • Triple experience.
          • Sensei seaworth: Alright. From now on, any kami spirit you catch, however you catch 'em, will earn you triple the usual experience!
        • Double loot.
          • Sensei seaworth: Alright. From now on, any kami spirit you catch barehanded will earn you twice the normal loot! It won't work for opening kami jars, though. That'd be cheating.
    • No questions here.
      • (Dialogue ends)