Dialogue for See

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  • See: I See. You?
  • Player: Er, do you? With that weird hat on?
  • See: No. I am See - that's my name. Who are you?
  • Player: Player.
  • See: I see.
  • Player: You said that already.
  • See: You are here to ask me questions.
  • Player: Am I? Are you asking me that or telling me?
  • See: Yes.
  • Player: Er, okay.
    • What do you do here?
      • See: I contemplate the moon, and shall do so until it dawns on me.
      • Player: Isn't that a contradiction - moon, dawn?
      • See: It's' a metaphor. Ancient cyclopean beliefs tell of the two creators - the Eyes in the Sky. Those being Hanalan - the sun - and Birman - the moon. When our path led us away from Bandos, we took back our old traditions. We are no longer naive enough to believe them being divine creators. Rather, we recognise the good and bad that both the sun and moon can bring, and that both are necessary for our way of life. As one of the elder cyclopes, I hold the mantle of moon priestess, and represent the issues faced by those that live on moon-side. And I contemplate the teachings of Birman within the Moon Tower.
    • Can you tell me about Birman?
      • See: Birman is the Eye in the Night Sky. His eye is the moon, and his beard the stars. When he brings the night, he brings sweetness to the world with berries and coconuts, and sometimes a tiny umbrella.
      • Player: How does that work?
      • See: Hoo, boy. Well, if you don't already know, then I'm not the person to have 'the talk' with you.
    • Am I asking, though, or just leaving?
      • See: You are leaving. See?
      • (dialogue terminates)