Dialogue for Seasinger Umi

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This transcript involves dialogue with Seasinger Umi and the player.

Talking to her[edit | edit source]

Before completing the tutorial[edit | edit source]

  • Seasinger Umi: So you're the new Portmaster? I can tell you're busy, but maybe we should catch up later?

After completing the tutorial[edit | edit source]

  • Seasinger Umi: Oh, hello there. Don't mind me, I'm just taking a break from sweeping.
    • Who are you?
      • Seasinger Umi: I'm Umi.
      • (Continues below)
    • What are you?
      • Seasinger Umi: What am I? How rude. I'm a siren, obviously.
      • (Continues below)
    • Are you a siren?
      • Seasinger Umi: Very observant! Normally I'm asked whether I'm a mermaid or a fish. I've heard more fish jokes than you could shake a mermaid's tail at. Nice to meet you.
      • (Continues below)
  • Player: Seems odd that a siren would work as a sweep. Shouldn't you be luring sailors to their watery graves?
  • Seasinger Umi: If only. No I'm training to become a seasinger. One day I'll be able to control the seas and the creatures that live within it. It just takes such a long time to learn. Until then I've got to earn my keep. Some day I'll work for a khan, guide his ships and sleep in his palace. When I think of that, well, the sweeping doesn't seem so bad.

During the Port Sarim Invasion[edit | edit source]