Dialogue for Seasinger (Deep Sea Fishing, random event)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Seasinger (Deep Sea Fishing, random event).

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

This dialogue happens when the seasinger arrives:

  • Seasinger: [Sailors/Hey, Player], listen to my song!

This dialogue happens between song and song:

  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]...
  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]...

Gregg 'Groggy' Herring's song:

  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... A fool once dismissed a great gift
  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... threw it into the ocean quite swift
  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... now he's pinning away in his crow's nest
  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... and drinks and drinks until his final rest.

Sea monster song:

  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... A mighty hunger drives a beast that lives in the ocean wide
  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... step with great care for its hunting grounds keep changing with the tide
  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... it claims many fish, it claims many souls, it hungers night and day
  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... and should you be unlucky, you too might be carried away!

Whirlpool song:

  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... Oh, all you adventurers travelling the sea
  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... to fish in these waters so blue
  • Seasinger: [Sailor/Player]... please remember to share your bounty
  • Seasinger: (Transcript missing. edit)