Dialogue for Seasinger (Deep Sea Fishing)

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Seasinger 1[edit | edit source]

  • Seasinger: Not now, can't you see I'm busy?
  • Player: Hey, could you please sing 'Wending through the Willows' for me? I love that song!
  • Seasinger: It is a terribly difficult song, I wouldn't do it justice. We are young and still learning to master our singing, that's what brought us here.

Seasinger 2[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Ahoy!
  • Seasinger: Good day to you, wanderer! What do you want?
  • Select an option
    • What are you doing out here?
      • Seasinger: My sisters and I came out here to sing and practice our beautiful voices, we strive to become famous seasingers.
      • Seasinger: As quaint as the island we call our home is, not much ever happens there. Music needs inspiration, new impressions, a fresh breeze!
      • Seasinger: This place here is exciting, all kinds of creatures emerge from the depths and I adore watching the people going about their busy lives.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)
    • Are you singing your own songs...?
      • Player: Are you singing your own songs or just reciting those of your people?
      • Seasinger: I take great pride in writing my own songs. Of course, there's classics everyone adores, but it's important to leave your own mark on the world.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)
    • Do you have a song you could share with me?
      • Player: Do you have a song you could share with me?
      • Seasinger: I'm still working on the lyrics, but I'd love to hear what you think!
      • (The seasinger sings the song below.)
      • Seasinger: That's is[sic]. What do you think?
      • What do you think about the siren's song?
        • I liked it. I find it very inspirational!
          • Player: I liked it. I find it very inspirational!
          • Seasinger: Ah, a true appreciator of my song and storytelling, you flatter me! I will need to improve it, but I thank you kindly for being so encouraging.
          • (Returns to the initial options.)
        • A bit cheesy, if you ask me.
          • Player: A bit cheesy, if you ask me.
          • Seasinger: Well, it is a song for sailors and fishing folk after all. Their lives are hard enough, sometimes they just need something uplifting!
          • (Returns to the initial options.)
        • I kind of spaced out halfway through.
          • Player: Sorry, I kind of spaced out halfway through.
          • Seasinger: What an awful habit. Sometimes I feel like people don't really listen to me. I wonder why they go through the effort of talking to me in the first place...
          • Player: I thought maybe you'd have some reward for me?
          • Seasinger: *sigh* Sometimes our experiences are the real reward, rather than what waits at the end. I hope you'll come to understand that one day.
          • (Returns to the initial options.)

Song[edit | edit source]

On the stormy isle of old Echo Bay lived once a maiden fair,
Her heart was like the raging sea and wild as the wind her hair.
Many yearned to win her love but she just had one wish,
To sail across the roaring waves, live freely like the fish.
Throughout the day she toiled and moiled on the island's factory,
Crafting barrels for gunpowder while she dreamt of being free.
At night she sat upon the beach, made plans to leave the land,
Many an hour she'd stare into the waves, singing softly in the sand:
Tooralay hey, Tooraley dee,
When, oh when, will I be free?
Tooralay dee, tooralay hey,
With the winds I'll sail one day!
Her first attempt to leave the isle was by charming a bold lad,
The dashing captain helped her escape and made the maiden glad.
But soon he saw into her heart, and was quite sad to see,
Her dreams were filled with sailing, no love for him had she.
He dropped her back onto her isle, gave her a golden heart.
'This is my gift of love to you', he said as they did part,
'You shall forget your childish dreams, wish you had a husband dear!'
But every night again and again her song remained quite clear:
Tooralay hey, Tooraley dee,
When, oh when, will I be free?
Tooralay dee, tooralay hey,
With the winds I'll sail one day!
The gal didn't surrender, donned big boots and a shirt,
Dressed as a lad in trousers, her face covered in dirt,
She joined a ship, amongst the men she learned to sail and fight.
Until she was discovered and brought back to her plight.
Tears in h er eyes she stood by the shore as the ship set sail,
Threw all her treasures into the waves, let out a desperate wail:
'Oh mighty sea, I beg you' the young maiden did implore,
'Give me a ship to sail your waves and leave this cursed shore!'
Tooralay hey, Tooraley dee,
When, oh when, will I be free?
Tooralay dee, tooralay hey,
With the winds I'll sail one day!
They often said the sea was cruel but this time they were wrong,
For it seems the waves had enjoyed our lovely maiden's song.
Since short after her sacrifice a ship stranded on the isle,
With broken mast, no crew around, she embraced it with a smile.
She fixed it up and found a crew of souls who love the sea,
'Old and young and lad and lass, come all aboard!' yelled she.
And sometimes you may spot her in the distance with her crew,
And if you listen closely, you could hear her singing too:
Tooralay hey, Tooraley dee,
I love the sea for setting us free!
Tooralay dee, tooralay hey,
With the winds we sail away!

Seasinger 3[edit | edit source]

  • Seasinger: Hmm... Door hinge... No... Boar cringe? Urgh, this is so frustrating!
  • Player: Excuse me, what?
  • Seasinger: Oh, hello there! Sorry, I didn't see you, I was deep in thought.
  • Player: Why, what's going on?
  • Seasinger: Oh, I'm trying to win a bet. A band of sailors have promised me a fair amount of gold if I can find a good rhyme for them!
  • Player: Maybe I can help?
  • Seasinger: That would be amazing! All I need is a rhyme for orange?
  • Player: Sure, what about... erm...
  • Player: ...
  • Player: ...uhmmm...
  • Player: Okay, I guess sometimes even I have to admit defeat. Good luck with that one!

Seasinger 4[edit | edit source]

  • You wave at the siren. She seems to pout about something and pays no attention to you in the slightest.