Dialogue for Seaman Lorris

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Talking to Seaman Lorris[edit | edit source]

  • Seaman Lorris: Do you want to go on a trip to Karamja? The trip will cost you 30 coins.
    • Yes, please.
      • Player: Yes, please.
        • If you have received Karamja gloves
          • Seaman Lorris: Wait a minute, didn't you earn Karamja gloves? Thought I'd seen you helping around the island. You can go on half price - 15 coins.
      • The Ship journeys to Karamja
      • The ship arrives at Karamja.
    • No, thank you.
      • Player: No, thank you.

Pay fare[edit | edit source]

If you have completed the Karamja easy tasks

  • The Seaman smiles as he recognises you as having earned Karamja gloves and lets you pass for half price - 15 coins.


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