Dialogue for Sea Witch Kaula

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This transcript involves dialogue with Sea Witch Kaula and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking with Sea Witch Kaula on Whale's Maw in the Arc.

  • The woman's gaze is fixed on the distant ocean. She is singing a beautiful yet haunting melody. It almost resembles whale song.
  • Choose an option:
    • Hello?
      • The sea witch ignores you, and does not miss a beat in her song.
    • Can you hear me?
      • The sea witch ignores you, and does not miss a beat in her song.
    • Sing again of the moai that travelled on water.
      • The sea witch pauses, and for a moment turns her terrible gaze toward you. Her eyes glow with mad intensity. Fixing her gaze once more upon the horizon, the sea witch parts her lips, and begins to sing. The lyrics are ancient and cannot be replicated in the common tongue, but their meaning echoes in your head.
      • Sea Witch Kaula: There once was a curious moai who longed to see the ocean. Like all moai, his gaze was turned inward, to keep his focus on his island, and the happiness of its inhabitants. This moai was curious and inquisitive. He heard the ocean waves lapping behind him. The crash of surf against sand. He heard the sounds of whale song, and the bellow of mighty sea creatures. The chittering of tiny shoals of invisible salmon. He pestered his fellow moai with questions of their islands. What did they see? What did they hear? His family patiently answered his questions, but the curious moai could not be satisfied with words. He was ravenous for knowledge. He wanted to see the world beyond his island with his own eyes. The curious moai called the island elders to him. He begged them, the bugs that lived on his back, for aid. He asked to be moved to the shore of his island, so he could see the ocean. The elders agreed. They wove a bowl of the finest bamboo, and filled it with the island's soil. The tribe's strongest men lifted the curious moai into the bowl, and they dragged the bowl toward the shore. The curious moai was delighted! Finally, he could see the lapping waves. He could watch the sun rise across the water. He could even see great water beasts on the far horizon! He asked the elders to pull him closer to the shore. The other moai cautioned him to not get too close to the water. They feared he would drown. The curious moai insisted. Just a little closer, he begged. He could almost see the great whales... The islanders dragged the bowl closer to the shoreline. They pushed and strained and pulled the great weight of the moai down the beach. The moai, now settled on the golden sand, peered out across the water, and he revelled in the view of the ocean. Life teemed in the depths. He could see the fish swimming in shoals, and the great birds flying overhead. The curious moai looked around him in wonder, and was finally content. He was happy. Then the moai noticed that the shoreline was getting closer. The tide was coming in. The moai's family wailed and sobbed. 'Too close, they cried. You are too close to the water's edge. Turn back!' The curious moai called out to the islanders. He begged them to push him back onto dry land. The islanders tried, but the moai was too heavy. The water lapped at the moai's bowl, stealing away the soil that sustained him. Waves cascaded over the frightened moai, filling his mouth and nose with salt water. The moai's soil dissolved in the ocean spray, and he turned deathly pale. The ocean poured into his mouth. He could not breathe. The curious moai gurgled and moaned, his screams echoing in the ears of his helpless family. After a final harrowing death rattle, the curious moai was silent. The moai's family mourned him, and chastised his foolishness. The other moai promised to learn from the dead moai's terrible fate. They will never again face the ocean.
      • The sea witch ends her tale. Your head pounds from the assault of the words in your head. Without a word, she slides back into incomprehensibly beautiful whale song.
    • Farewell.
      • (Dialogue ends.)