Dialogue for Scotty

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  • Player: Hello, you look new here. Welcome to the Death Guard!
  • Scotty: Death Guard? Nah, mate, I'm just a hired hand - a cleaner, ya know?
  • Player: You're not...you know?
  • Scotty: ...
  • Player: You're not an elf under that gas mask?
  • Scotty: Elf? Nah, mate: human. You're talking like there's some sort of mass conspiracy going on.
  • Player: Would you believe me if I said there was? What if you could take that gasmask off and be completely safe?
  • Scotty: Nice try! 'Hello, you look new here' - that ol' routine, eh? 'Take yer mask off,' you say. 'It's perfectly safe,' you say. Then, 'BOOM', Scotty gets the plague...and you'll steal my business!
  • Player: You think I'd try to kill you just to become the new janitor?
  • Scotty: Of course! Everyone's trying to move in on us! You shoulda seen the fiasco when we were working some waiting rooms for a guy called Mandrith. Every other guy was coming at us with a dragon dagger!
  • Player: Yet you live to tell the tale?
  • Scotty: What can I say? This old broom's as lethal on people as it is on trash.