Transcript of Scorpion Catcher journal entry

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  • I've spoken to Thormac in the Sorcerer's Tower south-west of Catherby. He's lost his pet Kharid Scorpions and needs my help to find them.
  • I've spoken to a Seer and been given the location of one of the Kharid Scorpions.
  • The first Kharid Scorpion is in a dark place between a lake and a holy island. It will be close when you enter.
  • The second Kharid Scorpion was once in a village two canoe trips from lumbridge. A shopkeeper there picked it up.
  • The third Kharid Scorpion is in an upstairs room with brown clothing on a table. The clothing is adorned with a golden four-pointed star. You should start looking where monks reside.
  • I've spoken to Thormac and he thanked me for finding his pet Kharid Scorpions.