Dialogue for Sawmill operator (Prifddinas)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Sawmill operator (Prifddinas) and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When talking to the Sawmill operator in the Ithell district in Prifddinas.

  • Sawmill operator: Hello. Do you want me to make some planks for you or would you be interested in some other housing supplies?
  • Choose an option:
    • Planks, please.
      • Sawmill operator: What kind of planks do you want?
        • (Convert wood to planks -interface opens.)
        • If the player doesn't have any suitable logs:
          • You are not carrying any logs to cut into planks.
    • What kind of planks can you make?
      • Sawmill operator: I can make planks from wood, oak, teak and mahogany. I don't make planks from other woods as they're no good for making furniture. Wood and oak are all over the place, but teak and mahogany can only be found in a few places like Karamja and Etceteria.
        • (Shows previous options)
    • Can I buy some housing supplies?
    • Nothing, thanks.
      • Player: Nothing, thanks.
      • Sawmill operator: Well, come back when you want some. You can't get good quality planks anywhere but here!