Dialogue for Saradominist preacher

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This transcript involves dialogue with Saradominist preacher and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When talking to the Saradominist preacher just west of Lumbridge Castle. Walking away from the conversation in any manner, even without selecting dialogue options, will give the player either Saradominist token or Zamorakian token at the renown level they gained during the event.

  • Saradominist preacher: Glory to Saradomin, the rightful victor of the Battle of Lumbridge!
  • Select an option
    • What happened here?
      • Saradominist preacher: You don't know? The Battle of Lumbridge was an epic battle fought between the noble god Saradomin and the wicked pretender god Zamorak. Zamorak came through a portal in Lumbridge and immediately began destroying everything around him. But then, the mighty Saradomin appeared and intervened, protecting us all. They locked blows, and both bore their full might down upon each other. The force of their fury rent the ground beneath our feet asunder and created the crater we see today. Locked in a stalemate, each summoned their mighty armies and waged war across Lumbridge. They were locked in vicious battle for ten weeks, before Saradomin finally emerged victorious, leaving Zamorak broken and defeated.
        • (Shows initial options)
    • What is that armour you're wearing?
      • Saradominist preacher: This armour? Why it is the armour of the dedicated warriors of Saradomin. Brave followers of Saradomin were given this armour when they had earned enough recognition with his army. During the battle you could have claimed this from the quartermaster, if you fought for Saradomin. Other than that, it is only borne by from devout Saradominst warriors in the God Wars dungeon.
      • Saradominist NPCs in the God Wars Dungeon can drop pieces of the Saradominist War Priest armour set when defeated.
      • Saradominist preacher: The vile Zamorakian forces have similar - though far more sinister - armour that can be taken from Zamorakian warriors in the God Wars Dungeon.
        • (Shows initial options)
    • [Replay opening cutscene]
      • The opening cutscene of World Event 1 - The Battle of Lumbridge plays, showing Zamorak and Saradomin appear in Lumbridge, creating the Lumbridge crater, summoning their loyal forces and commencing battle between each other. This cutscene contains no dialogue of any kind.
    • [Replay finale cutscene]
      • The final cutscene of World Event 1 - The Battle of Lumbridge plays, showing Saradomin strike down Zamorak, whom will shortly after be saved by Moia before being struck with a killing blow. This cutscene contains no dialogue of any kind.