Dialogue for Saradominist fanatic

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Unaligned[edit | edit source]

  • Saradominist fanatic: You look like a skilled adventurer. Would you like to join the forces of the holy Saradomin?
    • Player: Yes! Where do I sign up?
      • Saradominist fanatic: I'm pleased to see there is still some good in the world!
      • Saradominist fanatic: You can find the forces of holy Saradomin by finding our recruitment officer in our camp. It's to the north of the battlefield by Lumbridge.
      • Saradominist fanatic: You will be able to find out more about the skills we need there, although everyone has something to offer.
      • Saradominist fanatic: I thank you for your support. Know that our lord looks kindly on his followers.
    • Player: Maybe. Why should I join you?
      • Saradominist fanatic: Because we fight to defeat evil! For years, the power of Saradomin has kept the forces of Zamorak at bay.
      • Saradominist fanatic: But now, with the return of Zamorak, the weak and the helpless are more vulnerable than ever.
      • Saradominist fanatic: Saradomin's forces are the barrier preventing chaos and death from reigning over the world!
      • Saradominist fanatic: We need all the help we can get. Whether you're a fighter, a fisher, a woodcutter or a miner, you can help tip the battle in our lords favour.
      • Saradominist fanatic: To join the forces of good and drive evil from the land, travel to the battlefield at Lumbridge, and talk to the recruiter in the north camp.
        • Player: Great! I'm on my way!
          • Saradominist fanatic: That's great news! I know that with your help we will keep the evil of Zamorak at bay.
    • Player: No way! I support Zamorak!
      • Saradominist fanatic: It truly pains me to see you sell your soul to evil.
      • Saradominist fanatic: It's not too late for you. You can still join the forces of good, if you head to Saradomin's camp at the north of the battlefield instead.
    • Player: I don't want to get involved.
      • Saradominist fanatic: How can you not take part? Zamorak is an evil that must be stopped at all cost.
      • Saradominist fanatic: Please, for the vulnerable and the powerless in the world, you must side with us to defeat Zamorak!

Aligned to Zamorak[edit | edit source]

  • Saradominist fanatic: How you can side with evil I do not understand. You should go before I bring the wrath of the holy Saradomin upon you.

Aligned to Saradomin[edit | edit source]

  • Saradominist fanatic: I see you have already joined our cause, and I thank you. But please - go to the battlefield in Lumbridge before it's too late!