Dialogue for Santa's head elf

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During 2016 Christmas event[edit | edit source]

  • How does the Terrorbird Racing work?
    • Santa's head elf: These races are an extra part of the Christmas festivities for this year. They're very exciting.
    • Santa's head elf: You can race once an hour and the idea is to get round all of the 8 gates in the quickest time possible.
    • Santa's head elf: The quicker you are the greater your reward will be at the end of the race.
    • Santa's head elf: As you go through each gate you'll be told where the next gate can be found.
    • Santa's head elf: Remember, you'll need to be wearing a Terrorbird mount to be able to take part. It adds to the fun!
    • (Returns to the previous options.)
  • Where can I get a Terrorbird costume?
    • Santa's head elf: You can wear your own Terrorbird mount costume but there is a special Christmas themed one available for free in Solomon's Store.
    • (Returns to the previous options.)
  • How do the hi-scores work?
    • Santa's head elf: The top 10 quickest times are stored and can be seen by checking on any of the race gates.
    • Santa's head elf: Hopefully you'll make the top 10!
    • (Returns to the previous options.)
  • Bye for now.
    • Santa's head elf: Happy racing!