Transcript of Salt in the Wound journal entry

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  • Kennith has asked for my help in a quest against the Slug Queen. I should speak with at Daemonheim for more information.
  • Kennith has teleported Ezekial and a Temple Knight named Eva into the area. I should speak with each of them.
  • Now that I've spoken to the team, I should discuss the next stage with Eva.
  • Ezekial has blown a hole in the side of Daemonheim. We should get inside before the Fremennik notice.
  • We have entered Daemonheim. Now it's time to explore!
  • We have found the Seeker of Truth, but it is being defend by a caustic gazer.
  • I can fend off the gazer's attacks, but I'll need to pick a hero to sneak past and gather the seeker gland.
  • I have chosen Eva to help me. I should distract the gazer to give her time to sneak past.
  • We have the seeker gland! I should speak to Kennith to discuss transport to the Fishing Platform.
  • I can meet Kennith, Ezekial and Eva at the Fishing Platform. Once there, we can tackle this slug menace head-on.
  • I need to collect and combine the three ingredients for the anti-mind control serum.
  • We have gained access to the Slug Citadel beneath the Fishing Platform. Time to explore!
  • Two thrall guards block the entrance to the citadel. We will need to fool them into allowing us inside.
  • We have gained access to the Slug Citadel beneath the Fishing Platform. Time to explore! [sic]
  • The risen knights that wander the citadel are long-dead White Knights, brought back to serve the slugs. We should end their suffering.
  • The first section is complete!
  • The second section is complete!
  • The third section is complete!
  • The fourth section is complete!
  • We are now ready to take on the Slug Queen, who no doubt awaits our arrival.
  • Our final encounter with the Slug Queen was a success, and her reign of terror has come to an end. Perhaps her former human host has something to say.
  • Lucy, the former host to the Slug Queen, has now passed away. I should meet the others outside, at the Fishing Platform.