Dialogue for Salmon Max (fish merchant)

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On Waiko[edit | edit source]

  • Salmon Max (fish merchant): Do you smell something?
    • Fish Oil Sales.
    • If you have found Salmon Ella already
      • I found Salmon Ella!
        • Salmon Max (fish merchant): Who?
        • Player: A woman stranded on an island. She bore an uncanny resemblance to you. She reeked of fish. So you two at least have that in common.
        • Salmon Max (fish merchant): That woman? She's a nutter. Wouldn't stop raving about invisible salmon. I only dated her for a month, but she's convinced I married her. I'd stay well clear of her. She doesn't have both oars in the water. Terrible cook too.
        • Player: So they're not real?
        • Salmon Max (fish merchant): Invisible salmon? What do you think? They're nothing but an old wife's tale.
        • Player: I guess I walked into that one.
    • Farewell.
      • (dialogue terminates)