Transcript of Runescape Rewind - Part 3 - Combat!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Hi there, I'm mod Dean and in this video I will be sharing everything I think you need to get you back up to speed with gear, bosses and combat.
[00:15] So, let's start with Legacy Mode. For many of you, it might be the reason you're looking to get back into RuneScape.
[00:21] Legacy mode lets you play the modern game with the traditional style visuals and feel, without the need to learn the new combat system.
[00:27] You will have many of the cool benefits of RS3, whilst playing with familiar interfaces and familiar combat.
[00:33] It's the missing link between the old and the new, and when you log in, it should be close to what you remember.
[00:38] Check out BTS 109 to find out more about Legacy Mode.
[00:42] So, what's changed that will affect how you play?
[00:44] The best gear in the game right now requires level 90 stats
[00:47] and we now have level 90 weapons and armour for melee, ranged and magic.
[00:52] The best melee weapons are Drygores, which drop from the group boss the Kalphite King.
[00:56] The best ranged weapons are Ascension crossbows, which drop from the slayer bosses in the Monastery of Ascension,
[01:01] and the best magic weapons are Seismics, which drop from the mighty Vorago.
[01:06] To fight these top-tier bosses we advise level 80 gear which still drops from Nex as before.
[01:10] If you have serious bankload, you can just buy this gear from the GE.
[01:15] Player owned ports is another way to work towards high-level gear without danger,
[01:19] though only if you have the high skill requirement needed to enter.
[01:23] Ports is also the way to get scrimshaws which go in the pocket slot.
[01:26] The pocket slot is a new slot and if you want the best damage, you need something to put in there.
[01:32] You can also get pocket slot items from the new skill, Divination.
[01:35] If you don't want to grind for these items, inferior versions can be bought from other players.
[01:41] For those seeking tier 90 shields or melee power armor,
[01:44] you will need to take on all those mighty barrows brothers, at the same time, in "Rise of the Six".
[01:50] Any of the bosses that drop the level 90 gear are great money if lady luck is by your side.
[01:55] If you're after a more consistent moneymaker, the QBD is still a great way to make some cash
[02:00] with the Frost Dragon Bones still as profitable as ever.
[02:03] With all this talk about combat we've not forgotten Slayer.
[02:06] In fact, we've added some monsters with tier 90 power glove drops.
[02:10] Ariuts, Celestial Dragons and the creatures from the Monastery of Ascension will give Slayer lovers an extra challenge.
[02:15] We also updated an old favourite: Abby demons which can now drop an Abyssal orb or wand.
[02:21] You can also set up and save equipment loadouts at your bank and then switch with a single click.
[02:25] This lets you easily change between styles and is great when switching between activities.
[02:29] And it's not meleescape anymore.
[02:31] Even in Legacy, ranged and magic are formidable choices.
[02:34] Use whichever style you prefer, or whichever is the most effective for what you're killing.
[02:38] We've also added Rune level kit for magic and ranged.
[02:41] Batwing and Royal Dhide let you PK without risking your most valuable gear.
[02:46] Finding out what gear to equip is also easier than ever.
[02:48] The new gear guide lets your compare item stats and pick out the best items for your current level.
[02:54] Warbands are one of the best rates of skilling XP in game,
[02:57] but you have to go into the Wildy, so keep your wits about you.
[03:01] If you're looking for skillers to PK, learn the locations and times of this D&D, so you'll know where to be.
[03:07] So that's it from me. Be sure to check out the other two videos.
[03:10] Mod Osborne will be updating you on all the general game changes
[03:13] and Mod Mark is here to talk about everything Skilling.
[03:16] Welcome back to RuneScape and I'll see you in the Wildy!