Transcript of Runescape Rewind - Part 2 - Skilling!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Hello, Mod Mark here to give you a short guide on all the improvements
[00:07] and new content we've added to the skilling side of the game.
[00:11] Let's talk about the awesome changes to general gameplay first
[00:14] before we highlight some of the great new content that's come out in the last 18 months.
[00:18] There's so much of it, so try to keep up, and if you want more information click on the links that pop up on the screen!
[00:26] Legacy mode is a great new way for veterans to play the game
[00:30] without having to learn all about the new combat system and the game screens.
[00:34] The modern game does have its advantages though, you might want to check out the hotbar,
[00:39] which allows you to add inventory items directly to the bar,
[00:42] making production skills and performing actions like drop mining much faster.
[00:47] We've also added a challenge system to the game.
[00:50] Each day you'll be given a new challenge to perform in one of our skills.
[00:54] If you complete this challenge and hand in the materials to the challenge mistress in Burthorpe,
[00:58] you'll be given a generous XP reward and some new materials.
[01:02] Bonus XP now works in a slightly different way, with each skill having a pool of bonus xp
[01:08] that doubles any XP you gain in that skill, until the pool runs out.
[01:13] This makes the process of gathering and using "free" XP much simpler.
[01:19] You can also use a cool new system called "bank presets".
[01:22] Found via your bank screen, this allows you to "save" the layout of your inventory and worn equipment,
[01:28] then you can click one button to withdraw your saved layouts, removing all the hassle of banking and withdrawing again.
[01:34] It's really fantastic.
[01:36] We have a minigame tracking page,
[01:39] telling you when you are able to perform all your daily, weekly or monthly tasks for maximum efficiency.
[01:44] Just quickly, I should remind you about the lodestone network.
[01:47] These are an expanded set of "home" teleports that are spread across the map.
[01:52] Whilst each one has to be unlocked, it's easy to do and makes travelling around the map a doddle.
[01:58] Also at JAGEX HQ, we have introduced a new team of developers called the"NINJA" team.
[02:04] This team have been dedicated to fixing all the minor gripes and issues you guys have had for the past 6 months,
[02:10] so you're going to see lots of small but useful changes all over the game.
[02:14] OK! So onto new content...
[02:18] The biggest news is the brand new skill we have added to the game, called "Divination".
[02:23] This skill involves you collecting memories and wisps and is a bit like a cross between fishing and cooking.
[02:29] With it, you can create multiplayer skilling locations anywhere you like on the map,
[02:34] make "portents" to auto heal you and "signs" to do things like transport raw materials to your bank,
[02:40] and even transmute low level materials into higher ones.
[02:43] Start training divination by visiting the colony, west of the Lumbridge crater, right now!
[02:49] Another massive update to the game was the introduction of "Player Owned Ports".
[02:54] This is a great new update which allows you to control a port and a fleet of ships to explore the eastern lands.
[03:01] Hire a new crew, upgrade your ships, unlock new buildings and staff in your port
[03:06] and adventure for some great new level 85 equipment and "scrimshaws",
[03:10] which give you a load of different boosts and are worn in the new pocket slot.
[03:15] In the wilderness theres new content too.
[03:18] Try out the Warbands, which start every 7 hours on different servers.
[03:22] Venture out to find the warbands and loot their camps, gaining huge boosts to a range of different skills.
[03:29] Of course you'll have to avoid Pkers or latch on to one of the many warbands player groups that roam the servers every single day.
[03:37] Other, older content includes bonfires, that allow you to make one fire rather than long lines
[03:43] adding logs and attracting fire spirits and gaining life point boosts as you do.
[03:49] There are other updates like charm sprites that allow you to use hunting to get summoning charms rather than combat,
[03:55] theres god statues too that are monthly D+D tasks for construction
[03:59] and also a Dungeoneering task set, as well as a significant XP boost for solo dungeoneers.
[04:05] Of course, even the biggest skillers out there need to have a break and just engage with some good old fashioned fun every once in a while.
[04:14] So if you need a break, why not try one of our new minigames.
[04:18] Check out "Heist", a great cops and robbers game where you try to steal gold from a bank,
[04:23] dressed as local NPC's as you avoid the player controlled guards,
[04:27] or "Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza" where you rush to cross a monkey filled maze, looking for resources,
[04:33] cabbages and monkeys while avoiding being captured by angry gorillas,
[04:37] or even "Sinkholes", a quick rush across a mock Deamonheim dungeon, competing with other players for great XP and prizes.
[04:45] So there you have it, theres absolutely loads to get your teeth into with skilling.
[04:51] We have two other catch up videos for you to watch,
[04:54] for all general changes to the game check out Mod Osborne and for everything combat Mod Dean is your man.
[05:00] Welcome back adventurer!
[05:02] This is Mod Mark, saying "wooters out"! Pop by my fc and say hi! See ya!